1 Who directed and starred in the 1969 film ‘Easy Rider’? Dennis Hopper
2 Boll weevil cause damage to which crop? Cotton
3 In building, what does RSJ stand for? Rolled Steel Joist
4 What is the forward part of a ship called below the deck, traditionally used as the crew’s living quarters? Forecastle (fo’c’s’le)
5 Which cleric is known as the ‘Primate of England’? Archbishop of Canterbury
6 Which Sanskrit word means ‘awakened one’? Buddha
7 What type of creature is a Dog Face? Butterfly
8 What is the piece of turf called which is cut out of the ground by a golf club striking a ball? Divot
9 In chemistry, Heavy Hydrogen is another term for what? Deuterium
10 Caravane, Paneer and Mondseer are all types of what? Cheese
11 Talipes is the medical term for which condition? Club foot
12 Who is the creator of animated characters Wallace and Gromit? Nick Park
13 Which city hosted the 1992 Summer Olympic Games? Barcelona
14 The River Lyn is in which English county? Devon
15 Which John Steinbeck novel is based on the Biblical story of Cain and Abel? East of Eden
16 Mar Chiquita (Cordoba) is the largest natural salt lake in which South American country? Argentina
17 Which British pop musician/actor was actress Sadie Frost’s first husband? Gary Kemp
18 Published in 1687, who wrote ‘Philosophae Naturalis Principa Mathematica’? Isaac Newton
19 Amadeus was the ruler of which European country between 1870 and 1873? Spain
20 British singer Gaynor Hopkins is better known by what name? Bonnie Tyler
21 During which month of the year does Mexico celebrate its independence from Spain? September
22 How many times does the word ‘Christian’ appear in the King James version of the Bible? Three
23 In January 1955, Marian Anderson was the first black person to perform at which New York venue? The Metropolitan Opera
24 Who was the first Prime Minister of Australia? Edmund Barton
25 Who played Sandy Richardson in the British tv series ‘Crossroads’? Roger Tonge
26 A squab is the young of which breed of bird? Pigeon
27 In which part of the body would a person have a Pott’s fracture? Ankle
28 What does ‘Au’ represent in the Periodic Table? Gold
29 Mary of Teck was the consort of which British monarch? King George V
30 What is the title of singer Bruno Mars debut album, released in October 2010? Doo-Wops and Hooligans