1 What type of fruit is a catawba? Grape
2 Igglepiggle and Makka Pakka are characters from which children’s tv programme? In the Night Garden
3 In which Shakespeare play does the character Mustardseed appear? A Midsummer Night’s Dream
4 John George Diefenbaker was Prime Minister of which country from 1957 to 1963? Canada
5 Part of the boundary between which two US states runs down the middle of of the main street of the town of Texarkana? Texas and Arkansas
6 Ben Gurion International Airport is in which country? Israel
7 Which basketball star is kidnapped by cartoon characters in the 1996 film ‘Space Jam’? Michael Jordan
8 ‘Make Them Wait’ is rhyming slang for which Bingo number? 58
9 A caracal is what type of animal? Cat
10 The ‘Fringe Festival’, held in August each year, is hosted by which European city? Edinburgh
11 New Zealand born cartoonist David Low created which ‘Colonel’ in the 1930’s? Blimp
12 In medicine, myology is the study of the structure, arrangement and action of what? Muscles
13 Which character did actress Susie Blake play in the British tv soap ‘Coronation Street’? Bev Unwin
14 In Greek mythology, one of the labours of Hercules was to procure the ‘what’ belonging to Zeus, which were guarded by the Hesperides? Golden apples
15 How many stars are on the national flag of Liberia? One
16 Alice Springs is in which Australian state? Northern Territory
17 Manuka, Tupelo and Firewood are all types of which foodstuff? Honey
18 Actress Phyllis Diller said ‘His favourite exercise is climbing tall people’, about which Hollywood actor? Mickey Rooney
19 Which English football player has a daughter called Harper Seven? David Beckham
20 Who directed and starred in the 1968 film ‘The Green Berets’? John Wayne
21 Which ‘stone’ was removed from London’s Westminster Abbey on Christmas day 1950? Stone of Scone
22 In the tv series The A Team, what does B.A. stand for in the name B.A. Baracus? Bad Attitude
23 In medicine, metritis is the inflammation of which part of the body? Uterus
24 Which 18th Century scientist and politician published the literary work ‘Poor Richard’s Almanack’? Benjamin Franklin
25 Which English singer-songwriter’s pet spaniel was a special guest at his civil partnership ceremony? Elton John
26 What is the name of the dragon which guards the treasure in the novel ‘The Hobbit’? Smaug
27 In which year was the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour in the USA? 1941
28 The 2001 film ‘Captain Corelli’s Mandolin’ is set on which Greek island? Cephallonia (Kefalonia)
29 In British government, Sir George Cornewall Lewis was replaced by George Grey in 1861 in which cabinet post? Home Secretary
30 In which year was the Jif Plastic Lemon launched by Reckitt and Colman? 1957