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1 In which English county are the Medway Towns?
2 Who performed the theme song to the 1987 James Bond film ‘Living Daylights’
3 Helladic relates to the Bronze Age cultures of which European country?
4 What type of bird is a conure?
5 ‘Nighthawks’ is the work of which American artist?
6 Which actor played the President in the 1997 film ‘Air Force One’?
7 How many lines are in an English sonnet?
8 Mount Elbert is in which US state?
9 Dendrophobia is the irrational fear of which natural items?
10 Which US President said ‘I don’t know who my grandfather was, I am much more concerned to know what his grandson will be’?
11 Which country has the internet domain .se?
12 Lake Nasser is in which African country?
13 Which trio made their last feature film appearance in the 1949 film ‘Love Happy’?
14 The FTSE is the stock market index of which European country?
15 Vermelho is Portuguese for which colour?
16 Which ‘crisis’ is also referred to as the ‘Tripartite Aggression’?
17 Sandygate Road football and cricket stadium is in which English city?
18 How many hundredweight are in a UK ton?
19 In the human body, where is the atrium?
20 The salad leaf ‘arugula’ is better known by what name?
21 Which member of the Beatles was also known as Nelson Wilbury?
22 Which animal is depicted on the logo of Peugeot cars?
23 ‘Fragaria’ is the Latin name for which fruit?
24 A brontometer records the activity of what?
25 Smoky, Leaf-nosed and Vesper are all species of which creature?
26 Bert and Ernie are the names of the policeman and the taxi driver in which Frank Capra film?
27 In British currency slang, how much is a ‘Pony’ worth?
28 Which US state has the longest coastline?
29 In Indian cookery, what is a dosa?
30 Who was the Danish King of England 1016-1035?