1 The medical term ‘Prominentia Laryngea’ is commonly known as which part of the body? Adam’s apple
2 In 1935, which country was renamed Iran? Persia
3 Which was the first British football club to win the European Cup-Winners Cup? Tottenham Hotspur
4 The SNCF is the national railway corporation of which European country? France
5 On 30th July 1938, the first issue of which children’s comic was published in Britain? The Beano
6 Which country was defeated by the French during the Battle of Friedland in the Napoleonic Wars? Russia
7 Canada has how many provinces? Ten
8 Australian born Laura Robson is associated with which sport? Tennis
9 Which is the only species of deer of which both male and female have antlers? Caribou (Reindeer)
10 In 1961, the painting titled ‘Le Bateau’ by which artist hung upside down in the Museum of Modern Art in New York for 47 days without anyone noticing? Henri Matisse
11 What is the name given to the fluid surrounding a foetus in the womb? Amniotic Fluid
12 Which former RAF pilot wrote the novel ‘Airport’? Arthur Hailey
13 In James Bond novels and films, what is the codename for the fictional research and development division of the British Secret Service? Q
14 Xerophagy is the eating of what? Dry food
15 In 1993, which animated animal was first used to advertise Coca Cola? Polar Bear
16 The Seto Inland Sea separates the three main islands of which country? Japan
17 In Salvador Dali’s painting ‘The Persistence of Memory’, what objects appear to be melting? Clocks
18 What is the national flower of Cyprus? Cyclamen
19 Which element does ‘K’ represent in the Periodic Table? Potassium
20 Which American playwright wrote the play ‘All God’s Chillun Got Wings’? Eugene O’Neill
21 A pottle is an old measurement for liquids equal to how many pints? Four (half a gallon)
22 If a person is ambidextrous they can use which part of the body equally well? Hands
23 Which cartoon cat has friends called Choo Choo, Benny the Ball and Fancy Fancy? Top Cat (or Boss Cat)
24 Which English Monarch was created ‘Defender of the Faith’ by Pope Leo X? Henry VIII
25 In the US tv series ‘Dallas’, what was the first name of Bobby and Pam Ewing’s adopted son? Christopher
26 A creance is the name of the long fine cord used in which sport? Falconry
27 In the UK tv series ‘Mr Bean’, what model car does Mr Bean drive? Mini 1000
28 Which 19th Century poet wrote ‘Clancy of the Overflow’? Banjo Patterson
29 Italian mountaineers Lino Lacedelli and Achille Compagnoni became the first people to successfully reach the summit of which Himalayan peak, via the Abruzzi Ridge? K2
30 The Codex Vaticanus is said to be the oldest almost complete manuscript of which book? Greek Bible