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1 Which novel has the opening line: ‘1801 – I have just returned from a visit to my landlord, the solitary neighbour that I shall be troubled with’?
2 Who invented the electric battery in 1800?
3 In which mountain range is the Scottish mountain Ben Nevis?
4 Formula One racing driver Jody Scheckter was born in the city of East London in which country?
5 Which was the first country to issue postage stamps?
6 In 1936, Joseph Bowers was the first inmate to attempt an escape from which prison?
7 In which year did Queen Elizabeth II first visit Australia as a reigning monarch?
8 Galatasaray are a football team based in which European country?
9 Yellow-pine, Uinta and Lodgepole are all types of which animal?
10 In which religion is there one god called Ahura Mazda?
11 The port of Watchet is in which English county?
12 Which US President was given the nickname ‘The Trust Buster’?
13 The Eora and Cammeraygal peoples are indigenous to which country?
14 What is the 18th letter of the Greek alphabet?
15 Who plays Daphne in the 2002 film ‘Scooby-Doo’?
16 Afar. Harari and Tigray are regions in which African country?
17 An opah is what type of creature?
18 Which band released a 1997 album entitled ‘White on Blonde’?
19 British singer and actor Terence Nelhams-Wright was better known by what name?
20 In the 18th Century, the British Royal Navy ordered limes and lemons to be carried on board ships as a remedy for which disease?
21 The Euro is divided into how many cents?
22 Halliwell’s Guide is a reference book relating to what?
23 Founded by Robert Baden Powell, what is the motto of the Boy Scouts?
24 The Asteroid Belt lies between the orbits of which two planets in our solar system?
25 In the NATO phonetic alphabet which word represents the letter ‘C’?
26 What is the name of the strap which passes under the tail of a horse to stop the saddle from slipping?
27 How many red stripes are there on the national flag of Puerto Rico?
28 What is the title of the first collection of books in the Father Brown series by G.K.Chesterton?
29 Who became President of France in May 1995?
30 In which 1993 film does Holly Hunter play non-speaking Ada McGrath?