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1 Which two colours make up the national flag of Greenland?
2 In which US state were the 1692 Witch Trials held?
3 Which English author’s five years experience in the Indian Imperial Police was behind his 1934 novel ‘Burmese Days’?
4 In the Harry Potter series of books, what is the name of Hermoine Granger’s cat?
5 The ‘Up-Helly-Aa’ festival is held in the Scottish town of Lerwick during which month of the year?
6 In Greek mythology, who murdered Glauce, the bride of Jason, on their wedding day?
7 Which English Premier League football club has the motto ‘Nil Satis Nisi Optimum’ (Nothing but the best is good enough)?
8 Which UK comedy series featured the characters Eccles, Bloodnok and Bluebottle?
9 Bacon, Hazzard, Ganter and Topa Topa are all varieties of which fruit?
10 What is the cube root of 729?
11 The railway in Africa which runs from Mombasa to lake Victoria, which was hit by a series of disasters, is known as The ‘what’ Line?
12 Which national team beat Hungary 4-2 to win the 1938 FIFA World Cup?
13 Carried in front of English sovereigns at their coronation to represent mercy, what is a curtana?
14 A hexagon is a plane figure with how many sides and angles?
15 Chopin Airport is in which European city?
16 What is the main ingredient of a matelote dish?
17 Who played Hannah in the 1986 film ‘Hannah and Her Sisters’?
18 ‘The Divine Miss M’ was the debut album of which US singer?
19 Cobweb and Toolroom are Secret Service codenames for whose US office?
20 Who hosted the first televised UK National Lottery show in 1994?
21 Which Rodgers and Hammerstein musical was written for actress Gertrude Lawrence, who died a year later halfway through the show’s run?
22 Curtly Ambrose played for which national cricket team?
23 Which was the 48th US state to be admitted to the Union, in February 1912?
24 Irish businessman Sean Quinn became the owner of which British golf course in 2005?
25 Donald Pleasance, Telly Savalas and Charles Gray have all played the role of which James Bond villain?
26 In Greek cookery, what is the name of the selection of small hot and cold dishes served as an appetizer?
27 Pen y Fan is the highest peak in which British national park?
28 What was the name of the US poet, famous for writing confessional poems, who committed suicide in 1972 aged 57?
29 What is the US state capital of North Dakota?
30 Which singer released a 1989 album entitled ‘Foreign Affair’?