1 The town of Honiton in Devon is famous for producing what? Lace
2 Who plays the Alfred the butler in the 2005 film ‘Batman Begins’? Michael Caine
3 Which animal is measured in hands? Horse
4 Who was the first US President to appear on television while still in office? Franklin D. Roosevelt
5 Castle Howard is in which English county? Yorkshire
6 The headwear item ‘yamulke’ is better known by what name? Skull cap
7 Dydd Iau is Welsh for which day of the week? Thursday
8 The quetzal is the basic monetary unit of which country? Guatemala
9 The East Siberian Sea lies in which body of water? Arctic Ocean
10 What is the collective name for a group of rhinos? Crash
11 British athlete Tessa Sanderson competed in which field event? Javelin
12 Who was the Archbishop of Canterbury between 1980 and 1991? Robert Runcie
13 Which British former politician wrote the novel ‘The Eleventh Commandment’? Jeffrey Archer
14 In medicine, belonephobia is an irrational fear of what? Needles
15 Who played Muhammad Ali in the 2001 film ‘Ali’? Will Smith
16 What type of creature is a kagu (or cagou)? Bird
17 A ‘Lace’ anniversary celebrates many years of marriage? Thirteen
18 In human anatomy, popliteal relates to which part of the body? Back of the knee
19 Who was the father of English monarch Edward VI? Henry VIII
20 In 1785, the first crossing of which body of water was made by Francois Blanchard and John Jeffries using a hot air balloon? English Channel
21 How many coloured rings make up the Olympic Games symbol? Five
22 ‘Prince Caspian’, ‘The Magician’s Nephew’ and ‘The Silver Chair’ are all books from which series? Narnia Chronicles
23 The paint calcamine (or kalsomine) is better known by what name? Whitewash
24 In which sport would a referee say ‘Crouch, Bind, Set’? Rugby union
25 Author Charles Lutwidge Dodgson is better known by what name? Lewis Carroll
26 Vermicide is a substance used for killing which creatures? Worms
27 Miss Gatsby and Miss Tibbs were two elderly residents in which UK tv sitcom? Fawlty Towers
28 ‘The Angel of the North’ is the work of which British sculptor? Antony Gormley
29 Who was US actor Mickey Rooney’s first wife? Ava Gardner
30 Which year saw the Dunkirk evacuation of British forces during World War II? 1940