1 Silent film star Charlie Chaplin was born in which European city? London
2 What type of creature is a minke? Whale
3 Which playing card is known as ‘Lancelot’? Jack of clubs
4 The Azores island group is administered by which country? Portugal
5 Which was the first Latin-American country to legalise same-sex marriage? Argentina
6 In which event did Amy Williams win a gold medal for Britain at the 2010 Winter Olympics? Women’s skeleton
7 ‘Tanach’ describes the whole of the scriptures of which religion? Judaism
8 Who played Vicky Pollard’s twin sister in the 2006 Comic Relief episode of ‘Little Britain’? Kate Moss
9 Deba, boning, sashimi and paring are all types of what? Kitchen knife
10 Managua is the capital of which South American country? Nicaragua
11 In the game of Bingo, ‘Jump and Jive’ is the nickname for which number? 35
12 ‘Crome Yellow’ is the title of which author’s first novel? Aldous Huxley
13 In 1865, British mountaineer Edward Whymper became the first person to scale which mountain? Matterhorn
14 In Greek mythology, Hypnos was the god of what? Sleep
15 Who directed the 1968 film ‘Rosemary’s Baby’? Roman Polanski
16 How many starting players are in a basketball team? Five
17 Who does the commentary in the UK tv programme ‘Come Dine With Me’? Dave Lamb
18 Fratricide is the killing of one’s what? Brother
19 Dubris was the Roman name for which English port? Dover
20 Which 18th century British author described a second marriage as ‘The triumph of hope over experience’? Samuel Johnson
21 Which is the second planet from the sun? Venus
22 Which real-life couple starred in the 1994 remake of the film ‘The Getaway’? Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger
23 In January 1986, George Younger took up which British cabinet post Defence Secretary
24 Which football club did Jimmy Greaves play for between 1977 and 1979? Barnet FC
25 Alice Fitzwarren was the wife of which Lord Mayor of London? Dick Whittington
26 Hidrosis is the medical term for which bodily function? Sweating
27 Blueberry Jelly Beans were created for which US President? Ronald Reagan
28 What are author J.R.R. Tolkien’s first names? John Ronald Reuel
29 In which city was tennis player Martina Navratilova born? Prague
30 What type of animal is Sooty the Bear’s girlfriend Soo? Panda