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1 FILA is an international federation for which sport?
2 American 1940’s murder victim Elizabeth Short was known by what posthumous nickname?
3 What is the title of the humorous country song released by Australian singer Slim Dusty in 1957, the first Australian single to ‘go gold’?
4 How many books make up the New Testament of the Bible?
5 Which nuclear physicist is known as the ‘father of the atomic bomb’?
6 The Brazos Cliffs is a famous rock formation in which US state?
7 Which country has the internet domain .is?
8 What was ‘Carry On’ star Sid James profession before he became an actor?
9 Which British scientist discovered acetylene in 1836?
10 What type of creature is a pintail?
11 British monarch Henry VIII married which of his wives in 1540?
12 Which country hosted and won the 1995 Rugby World Cup?
13 Which US band released a 2002 album called ‘By The Way’?
14 In February 1983 which US writer choked to death on the cap from a bottle of eye drops?
15 Which US gangster was released from Alcatraz prison in November 1939?
16 The character of Adam the servant was said to have been played by Shakespeare in which of his plays?
17 Which writer created the fictional detective Charlie Chan?
18 Who built the Roman wall which divided England and Scotland?
19 Which company introduced the first triple blade cartridge razor, the Mach 3, in 1998?
20 Which famous London museum was established at the Baker Street Bazaar in 1835?
21 The Bernstein and Sondheim song ‘Somewhere’ was written for which musical?
22 Catamarca, Mendoza and Formosa are all provinces in which South American country?
23 The fictional characters William Dobbin and Rawdon Crawley appear in which novel?
24 In humans, the medical condition aglutition is the inability to do what?
25 Pouchong tea is traditionally scented with the leaves of which flower?
26 Which Palestinian paramilitary group seized eleven Israelis at the 1972 Munich Olympic Games?
27 Which element is represented by the letters Hg in the periodic table?
28 What is the national flower of Switzerland?
29 In January 1953 over 70% of all TV sets in the USA were tuned in to watch the star of which show go to hospital to give birth to her son?
30 In the Disney film ‘The Lion King’ what is the name of Simba’s wicked uncle?