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1 Italian gynaecologist Doctor Giorgio Fischer invented which surgical procedure in 1974?
2 Vatsyayana completed which erotic piece of work in 400 AD?
3 A stogie is a cheap, thin what?
4 What is the name of Inspector Gadget’s dog in the children’s tv cartoon series ‘Inspector Gadget’?
5 What is the chemical compound Calcium Oxide commonly known as?
6 In the human body, the hallux is more commonly known by what name?
7 The wool of a Shahtoosh shawl comes from which endangered animal?
8 The boxer Sonny Liston appears on the cover of which Beatles album?
9 Which French sculptor died in November 1917?
10 An ephyna is the young of which creature?
11 ‘Air & Style’ and ‘X-Trail Jam’ are events in which sport?
12 Lester B. Pearson became Prime Minister of which country in April 1963?
13 The conflict between rival political factions the Girondins and the Jacobins, during the French Revolution, was known as The Reign of what?
14 The Thousand Islands Bridge spans which North American river?
15 The liqueur Maraschino is flavoured with which fruit?
16 Piemont and Lombardy are regions in which European country?
17 Fakt is the biggest-selling daily newspaper in which European country?
18 The headquarters of UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) are in which European city?
19 Who was the first black footballer to play for England?
20 In which year was singer Elvis Presley born?
21 Bert Handy, Penny Panting and Lily Duveen are all characters in which ‘Carry On’ film?
22 The 2004 Chuetsu Earthquakes occurred in which country?
23 David McConnell was the founder of which cosmetics company in 1886?
24 The poisonous fungus Amanita Phalloides is better known by what name?
25 Which ancient Greek dramatist is often referred to as ‘The Father of Comedy’?
26 Which Polish-born astronomer proposed that the planets orbit the sun, and was later proved right?
27 What is the US state capital of Connecticut?
28 The Gruesome Twosome are characters in which children’s tv cartoon series?
29 In British decimal coinage, how much would a guinea be worth?
30 The ‘Black Paintings’ is the name given to a group of paintings by which Spanish artist?