1 Who was the illustrator for most of Roald Dahl’s stories for children? Quentin Blake
2 Which Mediterranean island attained its independence from Britain in 1960? Cyprus
3 In which year year did English footballer Stanley Matthews play his final international game? 1957 – against Scotland
4 Florimania is a passion for what? Flowers
5 Mary Helen Mackillop, also known as Saint Mary of the Cross, is the only person from which country to be recognised by the Roman Catholic church as a saint? Australia
6 The Kaieteur Falls are in which South American country? Guyana
7 Who wrote the book ‘Dubliners’, first published in 1914? James Joyce
8 La Sapienza University is in which European city? Rome
9 What is the first name of 2010 World Champion Formula One racing driver Vettel? Sebastian
10 What is the name of the narrow strip of land, with water either side, linking two larger areas of land? Isthmus
11 Film critic John Simon described which actor as resembling ‘A half-melted bulldog’? Walter Matthau
12 Myocardium is the muscular tissue of which part of the human body? Heart
13 Which legendary Greek hero killed the Minotaur with the help of Ariadne? Theseus
14 In cookery, Pelmeni dumplings originated in which European country? Russia
15 Curio is a character in which Shakespeare play? Twelfth Night
16 What is the official language of Egypt? Arabic
17 ‘March of the Volunteers’ is the national anthem of which country? China
18 Which famous US outlaw shot the cashier of a savings bank in Gallatin Missouri in 1869? Jesse James
19 The 1958 film ‘Gigi’ was based on the novel by which French author? Colette
20 In weights and measures, how many grains are in one pound? 7000
21 Actress Harlean Carpenter was better known by what name? Jean Harlow
22 Which actor narrated the 1970’s UK tv documentary ‘The World At War’? Laurence Olivier
23 Which online bookstore was originally called Cadabra.com? Amazon
24 Magyarorszag is the local name for which country? Hungary
25 Who was the last English monarch to die on the battlefield? Richard III
26 Earth Day is celebrated in the USA during which month of the year? April – 22nd
27 ‘Back to Bedlam’ was the debut album for which British singer? James Blunt
28 The National Motor Museum is in which English county? Hampshire
29 Mal de mer is the French term for which ailment in humans? Seasickness
30 CDN is the international car registration for which country? Canada