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1 What does a noctambulist do?
2 Which US state is the setting for the 1971 film ‘The Last Picture Show’?
3 Which Italian-born fashion designer introduced the colour ‘Shocking Pink’ in 1936?
4 The Winter War (November 1939 – March 1940) was fought between which two countries?
5 Grace Cathedral is in which US city?
6 Prior to Andy Murray, who was the last British tennis player to win the Wimbledon Men’s Singles Final?
7 A flitch is another name for a side of what?
8 Didymitis is the inflammation of which part of the human body?
9 What was the name of the convict ship which set sail from Britain in 1789 with the first cargo of female prisoners for a penal colony in Australia?
10 Who played Christine Painter (a thinly disguised Cynthia Payne) in the 1987 film ‘Personal Services’?
11 In 1950, which US President ordered air and sea forces to defend South Korea?
12 Jimmy and Alison Porter are characters in which John Osborne play?
13 In which year did Patrick Moore present the first episode of ‘The Sky At Night’ on television?
14 ‘Bowl of Fruit, Violin and Bottle’ is the work of which artist?
15 The Kingdom of Lesotho is completely surrounded by which country?
16 Who played gay rights activist and politician Harvey Milk in the 2008 film ‘Milk’?
17 The Democracy Monument is in which Asian city?
18 Which jockey won the 2003 Epsom Derby on Kris Kin?
19 Who wrote the play ‘The Night of the Iguana’?
20 Mary of Teck was the wife of which British monarch?
21 The Philippines lie in which ocean?
22 How many times does the word ‘eternity’ appear in the King James version of the Bible?
23 Mercury Seven, also referred to as the Original Seven, were a group of what?
24 In which year were the Academy Awards first broadcast on television?
25 The Ryder Cup is contested in which sport?
26 Abdullah Gul was elected President of which country in August 2007?
27 In American Football, which team was previously known as the Houston Oilers?
28 What type of creature is a mavis?
29 In 1216, English monarch King John was said to have lost the crown jewels while crossing which body of water?
30 Meniere’s disease affects which part of the body?