1 What is the largest recorded number of children born to one woman? 69
2 Which US President signed the orders that made Mother’s Day a national holiday in America? President Woodrow Wilson
3 Babies born during which month of the year are said to be the heaviest? May
4 According to the Guinness Book of Records, the heaviest baby born and survived at 22 pounds 8 ounces, was in which European country? Italy
5 Which group had a hit with ‘Baby Love’ in 1964? Supremes
6 What are the first names of David and Victoria Beckham’s daughter? Harper Seven
7 Which part of the body are babies born without but develop from cartilaginous material that builds into bone in later life? Kneecaps
8 What is the profession of Tom Selleck in the 1987 film ‘Three Men and a Baby’? Architect
9 What is a baby hamster called? Pup
10 Beatrice, Alice, Louise and Helena were daughters of which British monarch? Queen Victoria
11 A sapling is a young what? Tree
12 Which part of a baby’s body stays the same size from birth? Eyes
13 How many children did actor Charlie Chaplin have? Eleven
14 The name Wendy was made up by the author for which children’s book? Peter Pan
15 What is the largest recorded number of puppies to be born in one litter? 24 – Neopolitan Mastiff
16 What was the top baby girl name in England in 2008? Olivia
17 What is a baby oyster called? Spat
18 Babies depicted on roller skates dancing to hip hop were used to advertise which product on television? Evian water
19 What was the top baby boy name in England in 2008? Jack
20 How many bones are babies born with? 300