1 In medicine, what is the name of the hollow flexible tube inserted into the human body to withdraw or introduce fluids? Catheter
2 Borah Peak is the highest mountain in which US state? Idaho
3 What was the nickname of Unit Galahad, the 1940’s US Army Special Operations Light Infantry Unit commanded by Frank Merrill? Merrill’s Marauders
4 How many people are in the painting ‘The Last Supper’ by Leonardo DaVinci? Thirteen
5 The Biebrza and the Warta are rivers in which European country? Poland
6 Which country has the internet domain .es? Spain
7 Sir Humphrey Davy, the inventor of the miners safety lamp, was born in which English county? Cornwall
8 US singer Aliane Thiam is better known by what name? Akon
9 What are the two ingredients of a Mimosa cocktail? Champagne and orange juice
10 In religion, Copts are native Christians of which country? Egypt
11 Which playing card is known as ‘Helen of Troy’? Queen of Hearts
12 Cobweb is a fairy in which Shakespeare play? A Midsummer Night’s Dream
13 Danish Navigator, Vitus Bearing, discovered which US state in 1741? Alaska
14 In the US television industry, what did CBS stand for? Columbia Broadcasting System
15 Carlos Menem was made president of which South American country in July 1989? Argentina
16 Solyanka is what type of cooked food dish? Soup
17 In Norse mythology, what type of tree was Yggdrasil, also known as the World Tree, which was thought to have linked and sheltered all the worlds? Ash
18 Myxomatosis is a viral disease affecting which creatures? Rabbits
19 Which British sports commentator famously said ‘He looks about as happy as a penguin in a microwave’? Sid Waddell
20 The Mosul Dam is in which country? Iraq
21 What is a line on a map called that connects two points which have the same average summer temperature? Isothere
22 How many stars are on the new national flag of Libya? One
23 How many gold medals did the USA win in the 2010 Winter Olympic Games? Nine
24 Chiswick Eyot is a small island in which body of water in England? River Thames
25 What does Italian company Aprilia manufacture? Motorcycles
26 Who wrote the novel ‘The Mayor of Castorbridge’? Thomas Hardy
27 Pitch and Putt is a form of which game? Golf
28 Which coastal town in North Yorkshire, England, is twinned with Port Stanley in the Falkland Islands? Whitby
29 How many commandments does the Jewish Torah contain? 613
30 Apimania is an obsession with which creatures? Bees