1 In December 1935, Anthony Eden took up which government post in Britain? Foreign Secretary
2 The Wang River is in which Asian country? Thailand
3 Who wrote the 1940 novel ‘Fanny By Gaslight’? Michael Sadleir
4 Henry Vlll became heir to the English throne on the death of which brother in 1502? Arthur
5 The Jasmund National Park is in which European country? Germany
6 ‘Brenda’ is the nickname of which famous person in the satirical magazine ‘Private Eye’? Queen Elizabeth ll
7 Who played Danny Ocean in the 1960 film ‘Ocean’s Eleven’? Frank Sinatra
8 What is the national flower of Persia? Rose
9 In the human body, what is the mandible? Lower jawbone
10 Actor/comedian Maxwell George Lorimer is better known by what name? Max Wall
11 In which US state was the late singer Michael Jackson born? Indiana
12 The European city of Vienna lies on which river? Danube
13 In November 1936, who was elected US President for a second term in office? Franklin D. Roosevelt
14 A broom made of twigs tied round a stick is called a what? Besom
15 Which artist is the subject of the 1956 film ‘Lust For Life’? Vincent van Gogh
16 Potomology is the scientific study of what? Rivers
17 The medical condition Herpes Zoster is commonly known as what? Shingles
18 Which English artist’s first names were Joseph Mallord William? Turner
19 What is the capital of Estonia? Tallinn
20 A Bouvier is what type of animal? Dog
21 What is the sub-title of the 1984 film ‘Star Trek 3’? The Search For Spock
22 The alcoholic drink Perry is made from the fermented juice of which fruit? Pears
23 Who wrote the children’s stories ‘The Clangers’, ‘Noggin the Nog’ and ‘Bagpuss’? Oliver Postgate
24 A Gurdwara is a place of worship in which religion? Sikhism
25 Sevastopol, in the Crimea, lies on the shore of which body of water? Black Sea
26 Roman numeral XCV is what number? 95
27 According to the Bible, what was the first bird to be sent out of the Ark by Noah? Raven
28 What was British Empire Day renamed in 1958? Commonwealth Day
29 Which Hollywood actress appeared on the centrefold of the first issue of ‘Playboy’ magazine? Marilyn Monroe
30 Who wrote the novel ‘Brideshead Revisited’? Evelyn Waugh