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1 The pudu is the world’s smallest species of which animal?
2 What colour is ‘Mr Man’ Mr Strong’s hat?
3 Pedology is the study of what in its natural environment?
4 Which British singer entered The Guinness Book of Records in 2005, after selling 1.6 million concert tickets in one day?
5 In January 1935, the trial of Bruno Hauptmann began, accused of the abduction and murder of which child?
6 Canadian jockey John ‘Red’ Pollard was famous for riding which well known racehorse?
7 Actor Eddie Bunker played which ‘colour’ in the 1991 film ‘Reservoir Dogs’?
8 What are the first names of art duo Proesch and Passmore?
9 In Greek mythology, which mortal woman did Zeus visit in the form of a swan and seduce, making her the mother of Helen of Troy?
10 In British royalty, what title did Camilla Parker Bowles take on marrying the Prince of Wales in 2005?
11 Apart from Geoff Hurst, which footballer scored a goal for England in the 1966 World Cup Final against Germany?
12 A filibeg is a type of which garment?
13 Lord Peter Wimsey is a fictional character created by which author?
14 Darryl Virostko is a ‘Maverick’s Champion’ in which sport?
15 Singer Alecia Beth Moore is better known by what name?
16 A formicary is the nest or dwelling of which insect?
17 On which island was Napoleon Bonaparte born in 1769?
18 What was is the name of Penelope Pitstop’s car in the children’s tv cartoon series ‘Wacky Races’?
19 What is the basic currency in Russia?
20 Who founded the Habitat group of stores?
21 In which African country did New Zealand refuse to play in the 2003 Cricket World Cup, because of a terrorist threat?
22 In the Irish language ‘Eanair’ is which month of the year?
23 The spice saffron is derived from which flower?
24 In Morse Code, which vowel is represented by a single dot?
25 In 2004, the Pentagon budgeted $1 million to bring a modernised version of which Shakespeare play to military bases?
26 Lake Evendim and The Gulf of Lune appear in which fantasy novel?
27 Which US comic strip was created by Mort Walker in September 1950?
28 Aurophobia is the irrational fear of which metal?
29 Which actor offered Demi Moore $1 million to sleep with him in the 1993 film ‘Indecent Proposal’?
30 The US city of Tombstone is in which state?