1 The world’s first tilting bridge straddles which English river? River Tyne – Gateshead
2 In Greek mythology, what is the name of the giant watchman with 100 eyes, also adopted as the name of a UK retail chain? Argos
3 Which UK tv series set in a hospital, which first aired in 1979, had the theme tune ‘H.A.P.P.Y’? Only When I Laugh
4 Mizaru, Mikazaru and Iwazaru are the names of the three what? Wise Monkeys
5 ‘The Heater from Van Meter’ was the nickname of which American Major League Baseball pitcher? Bob Feller
6 Googol is a number written as the numeral 1 followed by how many zeros? 100 (one hundred)
7 In December 2007, The Empire State Building in New York was illuminated yellow to promote which film? ‘The Simpsons Movie’
8 Which US singing duo started out under the names Caesar and Cleo? Sonny and Cher
9 Aside from the Flightless Cormorant, which is the only bird that can swim but can’t fly? Penguin
10 Which famous singer died of a heart attack on a Spanish golf course in October 1977? Bing Crosby
11 According to the bible, what was the name of the murderer who was released by Pontius Pilate in preference to Jesus? Barabbas
12 Fidel Castro, former President of Cuba, ordered which board game to be destroyed when he took power? Monopoly
13 What is the name of the last Beatles album to be recorded before the band split up? Abbey Road
14 What is the name of a community of ants? Colony
15 What disability did the wife and mother of inventor Alexander Graham Bell both suffer? Deafness
16 The Lady Lever Art Gallery is in which English city? Liverpool
17 The symbol ”£” in British currency derives from the first letter of which Latin word for pound? Librum
18 Pink Fairy and Nine Banded are species of which animal? Armadillo
19 Which politician formed the French National Front in 1972? Jean-Marine Le Pen
20 What were the first names of English novelist R.D.Blackmore? Richard Doddridge
21 The Iroquois Cup is competed for in which sport? Lacrosse
22 Don Diego de la Vega is the secret name of which Spanish fictional character? Zorro
23 The Sipi Tau is performed by which national rugby union team before each of their international matches? Tonga
24 ‘Piapa’ is the alphabet of which US state? Hawaii
25 Which creature features on the label of a Bacardi rum bottle? Bat
26 Which English Premier League football club has the motto ‘Audere est Facere’ (To Dare is to Do)? Tottenham Hotspur
27 Which 1930’s US gangster, upon being admitted to Indiana State Prison, is quoted as saying ‘I will be the meanest bastard you ever saw when I get out of here’? John Dillinger
28 ‘Shazam’ is the favourite word of which comic book hero? Captain Marvel
29 In warfare, what does ICBM stand for? InterContinental Ballistic Missile
30 Which wife of English monarch King Henry Vlll was imprisoned in the Tower of London in May 1536? Anne Boleyn