1 In Roman mythology, what was the name of the brother slain by Romulus? Remus
2 In paleontology, a coprolite is fossilised what? Animal dung
3 Victorian ‘artist’ Walter Potter was famous in which field? Taxidermy
4 In 2003, which UK retailer won a legal battle to advertise for employees in jobcentres? Ann Summers
5 Who wrote the novel ‘Watership Down’? Richard Adams
6 Haddonfield, Illinois is the setting for which 1978 horror film? Halloween
7 The Mackinac Bridge connects the Upper and Lower peninsulas of which US state? Michigan
8 In 1951, which European country saw the abdication of King Leopold lll in favour of his son Baudouin? Belgium
9 What was the title of the 1967 black comedy war film starring Michael Crawford and John Lennon? How I Won the War
10 Hong Kong, in China, lies at the mouth of which river? Pearl River
11 In medicine the MMR vaccination gives protection against which diseases? Measles, Mumps and Rubella
12 In Britain, the Cabal Ministry was formed during the reign of which monarch? King Charles ll
13 The Seychelle Islands lie in which body of water? Indian Ocean
14 Which jazz pianist, bandleader and composer was backed by the Red Hot Peppers? Jelly Roll Morton
15 Which British luxury liner made her maiden voyage from Southampton in May 1936? RMS Queen Mary
16 What is the name of the principal of Springfield Elementary School in the US tv show ‘The Simpsons’? Seymour ‘Spanky’ Skinner
17 In space, the ‘Big Bang Machine’ is another name for what? The Large Hadron Collider
18 In Greek mythology, who tore his eyes out when he discovered that he had married his mother? Oedipus
19 In which part of the human body is the metacarpus? Hand
20 Which player scored for both sides in the 1981 UK F.A. Cup Final between Tottenham Hotspur and Manchester City? Tommy Hutchinson
21 Adele Casagrande founded which Italian fashion house in 1925 in Rome? Fendi
22 Who played Will Scarlet in the 1980’s UK tv series ‘Robin of Sherwood’? Ray Winstone
23 In the UK, which item of furniture in the House of Commons at Westminster was originally designed by Augustus Welby Pugin in the 19th Century? Speaker’s Chair
24 What is the name of a brooch or ring with a portrait profile carved in relief? Cameo
25 In a theatre, what is the name of a private box in which people sit to watch the performance? Loge
26 In July 1998, which 15th Century first edition book became the most expensive book ever sold at auction? Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer – 4.6 million
27 What is the capital of Saudi Arabia? Riyadh
28 The epitaph of which Hollywood actress is ‘She did it the hard way’? Bette Davis
29 In the game of scrabble, how many points is the ‘F’ tile worth? Four
30 Which US actress was born Edna Gillooly in 1932? Ellen Burstyn