1 ‘The Virgin on the Rocks’ is the work of which artist? Leonardo Da Vinci
2 In which year did Margaret Thatcher become British Prime Minister? 1979
3 In January 1957, Russell Endean became the first batsman to be dismissed from a test cricket match for doing what? Handling the ball
4 Sir Robert Chiltern, Viscount Goring and Mrs Marchmont are characters in which Oscar Wilde play? The Ideal Husband
5 Who was murdered with an ice pick in 1940 by Ramon Mercader? Leon Trotsky
6 Who plays psychiatrist Dr Buddy Rydell in the 2003 film ‘Anger Management’? Jack Nicholson
7 What is the study of lakes and other bodies of freshwater? Limnology
8 What is the medical term for twins who are derived from two separate fertilised eggs, and so are not identical? Dizygotic (or dizygous)
9 Which US President had the nickname ‘Mr Nice Guy’, because of his clean-cut image? Gerald Ford
10 What is the capital of the Yukon Territory in Canada? Whitehorse
11 What type of animal is a dik-dik? Antelope
12 What was Schubert’s Piano Concerto number 15 posthumously renamed? Reliquie
13 Isoprene, Butyl and Nitrile are all types of which substance? Rubber
14 Taka is the basic monetary unit of which country? Bangladesh
15 The European port of Split lies in which body of water? Adriatic Sea
16 In which religion do people worship communally in a Fire Temple? Zoroastrianism
17 What is the young of a bobcat called? Kitten
18 Who does Emilio Estevez play in the 1988 film ‘Young Guns’? Billy the Kid
19 Which English poet was buried upright in London’s Westminster Abbey in 1637? Ben Johnson
20 Which fashion designer re-designed the UK hospital gown in 2010? Ben de Lisi
21 The ‘Canon Shot Rule’ said to be developed in the early 18th Century by Dutch jurist Cornelius van Bynkershoek, ruled that a nation’s territory extended to how many miles out to sea? Three miles
22 In Afrikaans, which city is called Kapstad? Cape Town
23 In the human body, which vitamin helps the blood to clot? Vitamin K
24 Which Mediterranean island gained independence in 1959 under the presidency of Archbishop Makarios? Cyprus
25 The Caloris Basin, a large impact crater, is on which planet in our solar system? Mercury
26 Elvis Presley played the role of Clint Reno in which 1956 film? Love Me Tender
27 In the NATO phonetic alphabet, the letter ‘Z’ is represented by which word? Zulu
28 ‘Connubial’ relates to which type of relationship? Marriage
29 Who invented the mercury thermometer in 1714? Gabriel Farenheit
30 How many stars are on the national flag of Syria? Two