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1 What was the name of the consort of Britain’s Queen Victoria?
2 Lechon is a dish made with which meat?
3 The charreada, or charreria, rodeo originated in which country?
4 The city of Belgrade lies at the confluence of the River Sava and which other river?
5 In which country was athlete Eric Liddell born?
6 In which year was Joan of Arc burnt at the stake?
7 In 2001, Major Charles Ingram was accused, and later charged, for cheating on which UK tv show?
8 Thon Buri was the capital of which Asian country during the 18th Century?
9 The roller coaster ride called Rita is located at which English theme park?
10 Japanese baseball player, Ichiro Suzuki, joined which US baseball team in 2001?
11 Which mountain range separates Spain and France?
12 How many counters, or pieces, does each player start with in a game of backgammon?
13 Which Welsh singer was born Gaynor Hopkins?
14 Which country has the internet domain .at?
15 Which Hollywood actor died in 1955 when his car collided with another car near Cholane, California?
16 Who did the former British king, Edward Vlll marry in June 1937?
17 In human anatomy, an ossicle is a very small what?
18 Which ex-Playboy Bunny sang in a band called ‘Wind in the Willows’ before becoming the singer in one of the most famous bands of the 1970’s and 80’s?
19 Which is the first written single word number in which the letter ‘A’ appears?
20 Lee Brilleaux was the vocalist in which 1970’s band?
21 The Curtis Cup is a challenge trophy contested by women in which sport?
22 Which company is named after the blue dot that was placed on their products which passed quality tests?
23 Who was Prime Minister of Australia at the beginning of World War ll?
24 LADE (Lineas Aereas del Estado) is the national airline of which country?
25 A new, controversial 657 million five mile extension of which UK motorway opened in June 2011?
26 Strangers Gate is an entrance to which famous park?
27 ANZAC Day, Australia’s annual holiday to remember its war dead, is held during which month of the year?
28 In the book ‘The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe’ by C.S. Lewis, what type of creature is Maugrim?
29 What does the Latin phrase ‘Lapsus linguae’ translate to in English?
30 Tupan, Dhol, Snare and Madal are all types of which musical instrument?