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1 Aschenputtel is the German name for which fairy tale heroine?
2 In which English town is the University of Teesside?
3 Which British politician became Member of Parliament for Epping in October 1924?
4 Which was the first country to stage football’s European Championship final twice?
5 Which musician/singer had a pet cat called Rupi that inspired the title song of his 2004 album ‘Rupi’s Dance’?
6 Who was the first US President to be born in a hospital?
7 In Rudyard Kipling’s novel ‘The Jungle Book’, what is the name of the black panther?
8 What items were issued to British pilots in World War ll, which could be soaked in water and unfold to reveal a map for escape if the pilot was captured?
9 ‘The Crafty Cockney’ was the nickname of which British darts player?
10 In which year was the Ford Anglia car first produced in the UK?
11 Dame Mary Lesley Perkins is a co-founder of which chain of UK opticians?
12 How many tentacles (or appendages) does a squid have?
13 Former Wimbledon tennis player John McEnroe was born in which country?
14 The term ‘Cathay’ refers to which modern day country?
15 Who wrote the novel ‘Across the River and Into the Trees’?
16 ‘Good ‘Ol Boys’ by Waylon Jennings was the theme tune to which US tv series?
17 St Gallen Airport is in which European country?
18 Which famous jewellers makes the Super Bowl Trophy?
19 Which mythical creature features on the flag of Bhutan?
20 In ancient Rome, what was a scutum?
21 Bedloe’s Island in New York Harbour, is the former name of which island?
22 In medicine, a penectomy is the removal of what?
23 Which scientist was offered the presidency of Israel in 1952 by Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion?
24 Atomic, Water and Carriage are all types of what?
25 In the UK, what was the first Welsh football team to play in the Premier League?
26 Which part of Peter Pan was kept in a drawer in the Darling household?
27 In computing, what does DPI stand for?
28 Who was the first US President to speak in Westminster Hall in London?
29 ‘The Palace of the Peak’ is the nickname of which English stately home?
30 How many tiles are at there in a Double-12 set of dominoes?