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1 Which English singer/songwriter/musician wrote the Tremeloes hit ‘Here Comes My Baby’ at the age of eighteen?
2 Which British pre-decimal coin was worth two shillings?
3 The New York city of Yonkers is on which river?
4 In which sport might a ‘Long Jenny’ be played?
5 What is the collective term for a group of unicorns?
6 Which of Disney’s Seven Dwarfs wears glasses?
7 Which country is known as the George Cross Island?
8 Two members of which group were the only people to perform on both Band Aid charity singles?
9 What is the maximum score possible in a game of ten-pin bowling?
10 Mearth was the name of the child of which US tv characters?
11 What type of leaf did US baseball player Babe Ruth wear under his cap to keep him cool?
12 In Edward Lear’s ‘The Owl and the Pussycat’, how much did they pay the pig for the ring in his nose to use as a wedding ring?
13 In which state of the US is it illegal to mis-pronounce the name of the state?
14 The Strawberry Museum in the town of Wepion is in which country?
15 In UK politics, what position did Labour politician Manny Shinwell hold from 1950-51?
16 Which 19th Century English poet wrote ‘Ode to a Grecian Urn’?
17 The Hotel Matignon is the official residence of the Prime Minister of which European country?
18 In the US, what does ZIP stand for in Zipcode?
19 In Greek mythology,what was left in Pandora’s Box after the rest of the contents had been released?
20 Lethologica is the temporary forgetfulness of what?
21 In the folklore of which country does a goat named Ukko help Santa Claus?
22 The word ‘durst’ is the past tense of which English word?
23 The English city of Lincoln lies on which river?
24 In English football, from which team did Aston Villa buy footballer Dion Dublin in 1998?
25 The Twelve Pins (or Twelve Bens) mountain range is in which European country?
26 Great Aunt Ada Doom is a character in which novel by Stella Gibbons?
27 On an ordnance survey map, what does TG stand for?
28 In Scotland, what are breeks?
29 Ghosts appear in how many of Shakespeare’s plays?
30 The Order of the Falcon, established in 1921, is a national order, or badge, of which country?