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1 Which car manufacturer has the motto ‘The Power of Dreams’?
2 What is the surname of the drummer in the rock band ZZ Top?
3 In the game of golf, a Bo Derek is a score of what at any hole?
4 Which three digits can be found in the bushes at the base of the Lincoln Memorial on a US $5 (Five dollar) bill?
5 Which two words make up the shortest verse in the King James version of the Bible?
6 In humans, a hemispherectomy is the removal of half of the what?
7 In the film ‘Ben Hur’, what was the title character’s first name?
8 What is the square root of one quarter?
9 In the nursery rhyme ‘The House That Jack Built’, what did the rat eat?
10 Sabena Airlines was the national airline of which European country 1923 – 2001?
11 Adelphogamy is a marriage in which brothers share what?
12 In Greek mythology, Tiresias disclosed the crimes of who?
13 ‘Soldier’s Disease’ was a term used after the American Civil War for the addiction to which type of drug?
14 Which British-born explorer and journalist was born John Rowlands in January 1841?
15 The United Nations University is based in which Asian city?
16 How may squares on the board are not covered by pieces at the start of a game of draughts?
17 On a clothes label, what does a square with a circle inside it indicate?
18 Which music impresario’s theatre group became the owner of the London Palladium in 2000?
19 What is the name of the iron hook which is attached to the pole used by fisherman to land a heavy fish?
20 In the American Wild West, what was the name of the gang, members of which included Butch Cassidy and kid Curry?
21 What is the name of the key which is used for tightening and loosening the neck around a drill bit?
22 In World War ll, what type of planes were used by the Dambusters?
23 Jalousie, Bay and Palladian are all types of what?
24 Which US gangster had his occupation as ‘Used Furniture Dealer’ on his business cards?
25 In defence, what does MIDAS stand for?
26 In 1921, Agnes Macphail was the first woman in which country to be elected to the House of Commons?
27 ‘Hector the Cat’ is a fictional mascot created for teaching children what in Australia?
28 Which US President had a pet Golden Retriever called Liberty?
29 The first stock market in which city was established in 1792 with 24 stock brokers meeting at the Tontine Coffee House?
30 How many eyelids do camels have on each eye?