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1 Which US state was considered the first to join the Union?
2 Who is the narrator at the beginning and end of each episode of the children’s tv programme ‘Roary the Racing Car’?
3 ‘The Monday Club’ was established in 1961 by Tory MPs in reaction to which British Prime Minister’s ‘Winds of Change’ speech?
4 What type of creature is a tanager?
5 Who wrote the books ‘The Good Companions’ and ‘An Inspector Calls’?
6 Who played the title role in the 1977 film ‘Annie Hall’?
7 Navigator Fred Noonan disappeared with who, after taking off in their plane from New Guinea?
8 What was the title of the book to first feature serial killer Hannibal Lecter?
9 In the UK, in which year did the Life Peerage Act entitled women to sit in the House of Lords for the first time?
10 Which actor plays a chain-smoking, womanising angel in the 1996 film ‘Michael’?
11 The Rimutaka Railway Tunnel is in which country?
12 In ‘Follow That Camel’, the fourteenth Carry On film, Sid James was replaced by which US actor?
13 After their wedding in April 2011, Prince William’s bride placed her bouquet on whose tomb?
14 In the UK, who was the Queen’s press secretary from 1978 to 1987?
15 US comedian and actor Nathan Birnbaum, born in 1898, was better known by what name?
16 On 26th September 1953, the rationing of what ended in the UK?
17 What type of flower is a cattleya?
18 Which former England rugby union player was nicknamed ‘Squeaky’?
19 Used in cooking, Royal, Fondant, Buttercream and Foam are all types of what?
20 A carillon is a set of at least 23 what, often located in a tower, each producing a musical note and usually played from a keyboard?
21 In 1879, the Zulu War ended after which battle?
22 What is the name of the two-handled, narrow-necked jar, used by ancient Greeks and Romans for holding oil or wine?
23 Which British Prime Minister introduced income tax, to help offset a reduction in revenue caused by a decline in trade?
24 The Krimml Falls are in which European country?
25 Borachio is a villain in which Shakespeare play?
26 A mahout is a person who works, tends and rides which animal?
27 American Larry Adler was known for playing which musical instrument?
28 Which English-born businessman and politician was Rhodesia named after?
29 Pung and Chow are terms used in which game?
30 In mythology, which Roman goddess often assumed the form of a cat in order to mate with her brother Lucifer?