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1 Which 5th/6th Century Buddhist monk is described in Chinese texts as ‘The Blue-Eyed Barbarian’?
2 How many wives did ‘Coronation Street’s ‘ Mike Baldwin have?
3 Who was the first British Prime Minister?
4 What nationality is tennis player Goran Ivanisevic?
5 Who did Franklin D. Roosevelt defeat in the 1944 US Presidential elections?
6 Which English football club became temporary ground-sharing tenants with Crystal Palace at Selhurst Park in 1991?
7 Who plays the Wolf Man in the 1941 horror film ‘The Wolf Man’?
8 Buffalo, Bermuda, Fescue and Carpet are all types of what?
9 Inactive volcano Mount Sabalan is in which country?
10 Syngenesophobia is the irrational fear of who?
11 What is the US state capital of Oregon?
12 The Duke de Richelieu’s French chef invented which sauce in 1756?
13 In which part of the human body is the limbic system?
14 Which year saw the only hijacking of a British commercial flight?
15 What is the name of the proof reading symbol which indicates where something is to be inserted in a line of printed or written text?
16 Ronald Reagan was governor of which US state?
17 In November 1935, Parker Brothers released which board game in the US?
18 Which scientist was granted 1093 US patents for his inventions?
19 Which band released a 1977 album entitled ‘Aja’?
20 Who invented the Miners Safety Lamp in 1815?
21 What is the highest range of the female singing voice?
22 Dublin, in Ireland, lies on which river?
23 Which playing card is known as ‘The Death Card’?
24 Mirin is a type of wine used for flavouring the cuisine of which country?
25 Emerald and aquamarine are varieties of which gemstone?
26 What was the name of the Cunard ocean liner which was launched on 20th September 1906?
27 What is a district called which is under the pastoral care of a bishop in the Christian church?
28 Which European city had the world’s first birth control clinic?
29 In which James Bond film does actress Jane Seymour play Solitaire?
30 Which World War ll criminal died of suicide by asphyxiation in Spandau Prison in 1987?