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1 Which US disc jockey is credited with coining the phrase ‘Rock and Roll’ during the 1950’s?
2 The Java Trench is part of which ocean?
3 Who became the youngest man, at age 35, to win the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964?
4 Which planet in our solar system is known is ‘The Morning Star’ when it appears in the eastern sky before sunrise?
5 Bicerin is a traditional hot drink native to which Italian city?
6 In British politics, who succeeded Jeremy Thorpe as acting leader of the Liberal Party in 1976?
7 The 1950’s Mau Mau uprising was against the British occupation of which country?
8 On which part of the body would a ghillie normally be worn?
9 In science, a pascal is a measure of what?
10 Who played Father Noel Furlong in the British tv series ‘Father Ted’?
11 Which Biblical figure destroyed the Temple of the Philistines?
12 Domingo Liotta MD, of Argentina, designed and developed the first artificial what, which was successfully implanted in a human in 1969?
13 In which 2000 film starring Jude Law does former boxer Ricky Grover make a cameo appearance?
14 On the human body, a sanguineous crust is better known by what name?
15 ‘The First Lord of the Treasury’ is inscribed on the letterbox of which address in London?
16 In which year did the Euro become the official currency in Ireland?
17 Architect Inigo Jones was born in which European city in 1573?
18 How many goals were scored in the 2006 FIFA World Cup?
19 In which European country is the Briksdal Glacier?
20 In the children’s ‘Mr Men’ books, what shape is Mr Rush?
21 A painting by which artist was damaged in January 2010 when a student fell into it at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York?
22 What is the title of the 1983 film in which teenager Tom Cruise turns his parents home into a brothel?
23 What was the name of the ship in which Captain Robert Scott set sail for the Antarctic in 1901?
24 In which year was the Battle of Bannockburn, between Scotland and England?
25 Which Canadian island lies to the east of the Gulf of St Lawrence?
26 What is the capital of Switzerland?
27 Mycroft is the older brother of which fictional detective?
28 What is the name of the short red cape, or piece of cloth, suspended from a hollow staff and brandished by a matador during a bullfight?
29 What is a positively charged ion called?
30 In which year were women allowed to compete in athletics events for the first time in the Olympic Games?