1 Which A is another name for a slaughterhouse? Abattoir
2 Which B is an oily substance extracted from a variety of Seville orange which is used in cosmetics and as flavouring in Earl Grey tea? Bergamot
3 Which C is the battlements of a castle, with regular gaps for firing arrows or guns? Crenellation
4 Which D is a small, short-barrelled pistol with a large bore, named after the US gunsmith who invented it? Derringer
5 Which E is a North American coneflower used in herbal medicine, mainly for it’s antibiotic and wound-healing properties? Echinacea
6 Which F is a Middle-Eastern dish of spiced, mashed chickpeas formed into balls and deep fried? Falafel
7 Which G is a medical term for the inflammation of the gums? Gingivitis
8 Which H is an organ-like keyboard instrument in which the notes are produced by air driven through metal reeds by foot-operated bellows? Harmonium
9 Which I is the large broad bone forming the upper part of each half of the pelvis? Ilium
10 Which J is unwanted material or goods that have been thrown overboard from a ship and washed ashore? Jetsam
11 Which K is a black powder used as a cosmetic to darken the rims of the eyelids, especially in Eastern countries? Khol
12 Which L is a steel device for lifting heavy blocks of stone or concrete, consisting of three pieces arranged to form a dovetail? Lewis
13 Which M is the craft of knotting cord or string in patterns to make decorative items? Macrame
14 Which N is a wrestling hold in which one arm is passed under the opponents arm from behind and applied to the neck, or both arms and hands are applied? Nelson (half and full)
15 Which O is a print textured to resemble an oil painting? Oleograph
16 Which P is a bag or box fitted either side of the rear wheel of a bicycle or motor cycle? Pannier
17 Which Q is an extinct South African zebra with a yellowish-brown coat and darker stripes? Quagga
18 Which R is the killing of a king? Regicide
19 Which S is a large dung beetle, regarded as sacred in Ancient Egypt? Scarab
20 Which T is a stand in which decanters containing spirits may be locked but still be seen? Tantalus
21 Which U is a man’s long, loose overcoat of Irish origin made of heavy material, usually with a belt at the back? Ulster
22 Which V is a fine parchment made from calfskin, lambskin or kidskin, used as paper and bookbinding? Vellum
23 Which W is a loop or ring of leather through which a Scout’s neckerchief ends are threaded? Woggle
24 Which X is a colourless, odourless noble gas of atomic number 54? Xenon
25 Which Y in Chinese philosophy, the active male principle of the universe, associated with heaven, heat and light? Yang
26 Which Z is a skullcap worn by Roman Catholic clerics, varying in colour according to rank? Zucchetto