1 Who was Britain’s Prime Minister before Winston Churchill’s first term in office? Neville Chamberlain
2 In the 1988 film ‘Who Framed Roger Rabbit’, what is the name of the town in which Roger Rabbit lives? Toontown
3 Who was the first Hanover King of England? George I
4 Who played waitress Maggie Fitzgerald in the 2004 film ‘Million Dollar Baby’? Hilary Swank
5 In which year was the Henry Wood Promenade Concerts, otherwise known as The Proms, founded? 1895
6 Who partnered Bob Anderson to win the World Pairs title at darts in 1986? John Lowe
7 The Saudi Arabian port of Jeddah stands on the shore of which sea? Red Sea
8 Fitch fur comes from which animal? Polecat
9 Which former US airline, founded in 1927, ceased to operate in 1991? Pan American
10 Which group released an album in 1986 entitled ‘The Queen is Dead’? The Smiths
11 Which cricketer won Pipe Smoker of the Year Award in 1986? Ian Botham
12 In humans, plumbism is chronic poisoning due to the absorption of what into the body? Lead
13 Which Roman Emperor was named ‘Little Boots’? Caligula
14 Which motorcycle company manufactures the Goldwing motorbike? Honda
15 Which British Prime Minister said of Downing Street ‘One of the most precious jewels in the national heritage’? Margaret Thatcher
16 The Franklin River is in which Australian state? Tasmania
17 Antigonus is a character in which Shakespeare play? The Winter’s Tale
18 John Lennon and Yoko Ono recorded ‘Give Peace a Chance’ at the Hotel La Reine in which city in Canada in 1969? Montreal
19 In January 1936, the England rugby union team celebrated it’s first ever win over which national team? The All Blacks (New Zealand)
20 Which US President was given the nickname ‘That Man in the White House’ by his opponents who refused to say his name? Franklin D. Roosevelt
21 Pneumoconiosis is a disease of which part of the human body? Lungs
22 Mount Parnassus is in which European country? Greece
23 What is the name of retired gunslinger, played by Clint Eastwood, in the 1992 film ‘Unforgiven’? William Munny
24 What are the civilian or plain clothes called worn by police or military staff for their jobs? Mufti
25 Which actress played nightclub singer Dorothy in the 1986 film ‘Blue Velvet’? Isabella Rossellini
26 Russia was defeated by which country in the Battle of Tannenberg in 1914? Germany
27 What is the capital of Sudan? Khartoum
28 An oribi is what type of animal? Antelope
29 The Aqua Tower, the first tallest building in the world designed by a team led by a woman, Jeanne Gang, is in which US city? Chicago
30 Who, at the age of 19, ended Martina Navratilova’s run of six consecutive Wimbledon Women’s Singles titles? Steffi Graf – 1988