1 Which US outlaw married his cousin, Zerelda ‘Zee’ Mimms, in 1874? Jesse James
2 From which country do Blue Mountain coffee beans come? Jamaica
3 How many Gold Medals did Canada win in the 2010 Winter Olympics? Fourteen
4 Which 1975 film features the character Frank N Furter? The Rocky Horror Picture Show
5 What is the nickname of English football club Sheffield Wednesday? The Owls
6 What is a straight line passing from side to side through the centre of a circle called? Diameter
7 Which word represents the letter ‘K’ in the NATO Phonetic Alphabet? Kilo
8 Which group of islands were claimed by the British in 1833? The Falkland Islands
9 Which saint was the first British Christian martyr? Saint Alban
10 The plant ‘Amaranthus Caudatus’ is better known as Love-Lies-‘what’? Bleeding
11 Which English poet’s works include ‘Birthday Letters? Ted Hughes
12 Keflavik is the main international airport of which country? Iceland
13 In zoology, what is an animal called which feeds on decomposing organic matter? Detritivore
14 BS is the international car registration of which country? Bahamas
15 Which golfer won the 1997 US Masters? Tiger Woods
16 How many points is the ‘J’ tile worth in the game of Scrabble? Eight
17 Which film director’s epitaph reads ‘I’m in on a plot’? Alfred Hitchcock
18 Vincent Crummles appears in which novel by Charles Dickens? Nicholas Nickleby
19 Melodiya was the state-run record label of which country? USSR (Russia)
20 In Norse mythology, the chariot of which goddess is pulled by two cats? Freya (Freyja)
21 Which British artist’s works include ‘The First Real Target’? Peter Blake
22 A quincentenary is an anniversary of how many years? 500
23 Which cartoon character is depicted on the welcome sign in Crystal City, Texas, ‘the spinach capital of the world’? Popeye
24 A muskellunge is what type of creature? Fish
25 Which King of England sold Dunkirk to Louis XIV of France? Charles II
26 What was the middle name of US actor James Dean? Byron
27 Misogamy is the hatred of what? Marriage
28 Aotearoa is the local name for which country? New Zealand
29 British companies, Wagtail, Kelham Island and Revolution are all what types of which industry? Breweries
30 Hong Kong, in China, lies at the mouth of which river? Pearl River