1 With which athletics field event is Jan Zelezny associated? Javelin
2 In the human body, which cavity at the upper end of the trachea contains the vocal cords? Larynx
3 Nancy Hanks was the mother of which US President? Abraham Lincoln
4 The Greek island of Lemnos lies in which sea? Agean Sea
5 Who was the father of British monarch King Edward VI? Henry VIII
6 What does ESPO stand for in connection with oil pipelines? Eastern Siberia – Pacific Ocean
7 Tatiana Day is celebrated in January in which country? Russia
8 Which British comedian created the character Dennis Pennis? Paul Kaye
9 Which famous race horse, and British Grand National winner, died on 18th October 1995? Red Rum
10 Shakespeare was said to have coined the phrase ‘One fell swoop’ in which of his plays? Macbeth
11 Radial, Crossply, and Run-flat are all types of what? Tyres
12 Which fruit did Nell Gwynn, mistress of King Charles II, sell in Drury Lane? Oranges
13 What is the parasitic insect with the Latin name Pediculus humanus capitas better known as? Head louse
14 The town of Tobermory is on which Scottish island? Mull
15 Who designed the Banqueting House in London’s Whitehall? Inigo Jones
16 Who was elected President of the Italian Republic in May 2006? Giorgio Napolitano
17 Which playing card is known as the Snowman? Eight
18 What colour is the flag awarded for clean beaches in New Zealand and Canada? Blue
19 In the novel ‘Wuthering Heights’ by Emily Bronte, Catherine’s father found Heathcliffe on the streets of which English city? Liverpool
20 John Wayne Airport is in which US state? California
21 Tynwald Day is celebrated on which island in July? Isle of Man
22 Clive James said ‘He looks like a condom full of walnuts’ about which actor? Arnold Schwarzenneger
23 Which Asian country hosted its first Formula One Grand Prix motor race in October 2010? South Korea
24 In UK currency, how many sides does a twenty pence piece have? Seven
25 When a young squire was knighted for his deeds of valour in battle, he was said to have won his what? Spurs
26 Which US state is known as the ‘Old Line State’? Maryland
27 Which legendary folk singer played his first concert in Vietnam, in April 2011? Bob Dylan
28 Durango, Veracruz and Campeche are all states in which country? Mexico
29 In the human body, mydriasis is the dilation of what? The pupil (of the eye)
30 Who wrote the novel ‘Doctor Zhivago’? Boris Pasternak