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1 Astronomer William Herschel announced the discovery of which planet in our solar system in March 1781?
2 What is the name of the ship in the novel ‘Treasure Island’ by Robert Louis Stevenson?
3 Joseph Lyons became Prime Minister of which country in 1932?
4 The Khyber Pass is approximately how many miles long?
5 The singer Mary O’Brien was better known by what name?
6 In British currency slang, how much is a ‘lady’ worth?
7 On an Ordnance Survey map, what does Ry stand for?
8 How long is a dog watch at sea?
9 Which US city displays a large sign declaring it ‘The Biggest Little City in the World’?
10 PADI is the training course to qualify as an instructor in what?
11 Which English town had the Roman name Dubris?
12 What does the diameter of a golf hole measure in inches?
13 What role did actor Sean Bean play in the film ‘Goldeneye’?
14 ‘Pro pace et fraternitate gentium’ is the inscription on which medal?
15 The city of Hollywood, Broward County, is in which US state?
16 Hermit, Spider and Blue are all types of which creature?
17 Ernest Vincent Wright wrote the 1939 novel ‘Gadsby’, containing over 50,000 words, leaving out which letter of the alphabet?
18 How many finger holes does a penny whistle have?
19 What is the collective name for a group of toads?
20 What is the only English word, and its derivatives, to end in ‘mt’?
21 In the UK, in which year was the voting age lowered from 30 to 21 for women?
22 What is the most times a piece of paper can be folded in half?
23 Ablutophilia is the sexual arousal from what?
24 How many goals did footballer Gary Lineker score for England?
25 What was the middle name of actor Laurence Olivier?
26 The ship ‘Cutty Sark’ was built in which Scottish dockyard town?
27 Who composed the romantic opera ‘Lohengrin’?
28 What are the Secret Service names for Barack and Michelle Obama?
29 Lotus Air airlines is based in which African country?
30 Texas Hold ‘Em is a variation of which card game?