Which singer released the album I Am Sasha Fierce in 2008? Beyonce
If all 50 USA state capitals were listed alphabetically, which would come first?  Albany (Capital of New York)
If you were born on Christmas Day, what star sign would you be? Capricorn
Which central American countries name means “many fish”? Panama
Which particular item of food is measured on the Scoville Scale? Chilli Peppers
  @POTUS is the official Twitter account of the holder of which position? President of the USA
“An Adventure 65 million years in the making” is the tagline to which 1993 Steven Spielberg movie? Jurassic Park
Beginning with the letter L, which city is the chief port and former capital of Nigeria? Lagos
Beirut is the capital of which country? Lebanon
Bob Beamon’s World Record in which Athletics event famously stood from 1968 until 1991? Long Jump
Broadcast every day on Radio 2 around 10.30am, the music quiz “Popmaster” is usually presented by which radio personality? Ken Bruce
Cordelia is the youngest daughter of which Shakespearian title character? King Lear
Emmental cheese originated in which European country?  Switzerland
How are Scottish brothers Craig and Charlie Reid better known? The Proclaimers
How many lines are there in a Sonnet? 14
How many UK Number 1’s have the band Blondie had – is it 1, 3, 6 or 11? 6
How many years featured in the title of a UK Number 1 single by Lukas Graham in 2016? 7
How wide is the goal in Ice Hockey – 4 feet, 6 feet or 8 feet? 6        feet
If all state capitals of the US were placed in Alphabetical order, which would be last? Trenton, New Jersey
In “The Jungle Book”, what kind of animal is Shere Khan? Tiger
In 1906, which President of the USA became the first American to win the Nobel Peace Prize? Theodore Roosevelt
In 1947, Jawaharlal Nehru became the first Prime Minister of which newly independent country? India
In 1959, which state became the last to join the United States of America? Hawaii
In 1984, which singer became the first to have a number 1 both as a duo and as a solo artist in the same year? George Michael
In 2001, which European Country became the first in the world to allow same sex marriages, as oppose to civil unions? Netherlands/Holland
In Nathaniel Hawthorne’s classic work “The Scarlett Letter”, which letter is lead character Hester forced to wear as a sign she has been unfaithful? A
In the world of comics and cartoons, how is Lord Marmaduke Bunkerton better known? Lord Snooty
In what century did Ivan the Terrible rule in Russia? 16th
In what year was the Chip and Pin system of payments introduced into the UK ? 2006
In what year were the first Nobel Prizes given out? 1901
In which Sport did Rob Cross win the 2018 World Championships in his first attempt? Darts
Nell Gwyn was a famous long time mistress of which English King? Charles II
Olivia Coleman played Sophie, the love interest of Mark Corrigan, in which Channel 4 sitcom? Peep Show
On what date was the Ides of March? 15th March
Pink Fairy is this smallest breed of which animal? Armadillos
Served smoked, Lox is what type of fish? Salmon
Taking its name from one of the states it is located in, which of the five Great Lakes of North America is the only one located entirely within the USA? Lake Michigan
The 2010 film “The Social Network” was about the founding of which website? Facebook
The Battle of Crecy took place in which year? 1346
The Battle of Pharsalus, 46 BC, took place in which modern day country? Greece
The founder of Wikipedia shares a surname with which country of the United Kingdom? Wales (Jimmy Wales)
The Karnak Temple Complex, dating back to the ancient city of Thebes, is located in which country? Egypt
The name of which style of Japanese dish literally means “Glazed Roast”? Teryiaki
The Tivoli Gardens are a major tourist attraction in which European capital city? Copenhagen
Using a standard dartboard, what is the lowest number that cannot be scored with just one dart? (Tip the answer is not 0) 23
What animal has a name meaning “Earth Pig” in Afrikaans? Aardvark
What animal is known in French as Pappillion? Butterfly
What animal is known in latin as Puffinus Puffinus? Manx Sherwater
What are the first names of the British TV Comedy duo, Hale and Pace? Gareth and Thomas