1 Which ‘A’ is a calculating frame with sliding balls on wires? Abacus
2 22 ‘What’ Avenue’ is the title of a song by Iron Maiden? Acacia
3 Which ‘A’ is a bright blue colour, often associated with a clear, unclouded sky? Azure
4 Axilla is the scientific term for which part of the body? Armpit
5 Which ‘A’ is a liqueur originally distilled from wine and wormwood? Absinthe
6 Which ‘A’ is a large non-venomous snake found in tropical South America, the common or green species being one of the largest snakes in the world? Anaconda
7 The rowan tree is also known as the Mountain ‘what’? Ash
8 Which ‘A’ is an account of the life of a person, written by that person? Autobiography
9 Which Greek god was the twin brother of Artemis? Apollo
10 In the religious calendar which ‘A’ is the first day of Lent? Ash Wednesday
11 Which sign of the Zodiac is represented by the ram? Aries
12 According to the Bible, which ‘A’ was the last battle between good and evil before the Day of Judgement? Armageddon
13 What is the name of the citadel and palace on a hill overlooking Grenada in Spain, built by the Moorish kings? Alhambra
14 Which ‘A’ means in the open air? Al fresco
15 In humans, which ‘A’ is another term for memory loss? Amnesia
16 Which ‘A’ is the white of an egg? Albumen
17 Buenos Aires is the capital of which South American country? Argentina
18 What is the title of the 1984 film about the life of composer Mozart? Amadeus
19 Which ‘A’ is another name for an enemy or opponent? Adversary
20 Globe, Omaha Fiesole and Chianti are all varieties of which vegetable? Artichoke