Can you beat your score from the last Pub Quiz set? See how you fair with todays quiz…


General Knowledge

1. Vermillion is a shade of which colour?


2. Which planet in our system has the shortest day, turning on its axis in less than 10 hours?


3. Where is the world is “Thatcher Day” celebrated in honour of Margaret Thatcher?

Falkland Islands

4. Cynophobia is the fear of which domesticated animal?


5. Which South American country has a name which literally means “Land of Silver”?



The answer is a month….

1.      What is the surname of the 4 sisters who are the main characters in the novel “Little Women”?


2.      What is the first name of the Channel 6 News TV reporter in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon?


3.      What is the surname of the MP for Maidenhead?


4.      What month formed the title of a No.3 hit for Earth Wind and Fire in 1979?


5.      What is the first name of the fictional wife of Terry Medford?



All the answers begin with J….

1.      Who is the antagonist of the 1992 Disney film “Aladdin”?


2.      Which island country has a flag containing the colours black, gold and green?


3.      Which Steven Spielberg film released in 1993 was based on a novel by Michael Crichton?

Jurassic Park

4.      What is the capital city of the US State of Missouri?

Jefferson City

5.      What is the first name of Sherlock Holmes adversary Professor Moriaty?



Board Games

1.      In a game of British Monopoly, how much does it cost to buy all 4 Train Stations?


(£200 each)

2.      In a game of Scrabble, how many points would you earn for the word “Quiz” on single score spaces?



3.      When was the first edition of “Trivial Pursuit” released – 1962,1972,1982 or 1992?


4.      In which Board Game would you encounter “Cavity Sam”?


(It’s the name of the patient)

5.      Alphabetically, which is the first of the weapons in the board game “Cluedo”?




1.      Which Irish band had hits with “Runway” “Dreams” and “Breathless”?

The Corrs

2.      Who won the X Factor in the year that One Direction were 3rd?

Matt Cardle

3.      Lamaal was the lead singer with which group who found fame in the 1980s?


4.      Which song was a hit for Dionne Warwick in 1964 and The Stranglers in 1978?

Walk on By

5.      The late Lisa Left-Eye Lopes was a member of which girl group?



European Cities

1.      Naples, Turin and Florence are all major cities in which European country?


2.      How many European Capital cities begin with the letter R – is it 2,3, 4 or 5?

3 (Rome, Riga and Reykjavik)

3.      Which city in the United Kingdom is famous for having the “Royal Mile”?


4.      Tallinn is the capital of which European County?


5.      Which European City is served by El Prat airport?



Children’s Time

1.      Which classic Children’s TV character can now be seen operating a “Special Delivery Service”?

Postman Pat

2.      Which of the Mr Men characters is covered in bandages?

Mr Bump

3.      How many players are there on each team in a game of Quidditch?


4.      Which “BP” was the name of the cartoon character Captain Pugwash’s ship?

Black Pig

5.      In the Chronicles of Narnia, what type of creature is Reepicheep?




  1. Famously sung by Audrey Hepburn on the fire escape of a New York apartment, which song from the film Breakfast At Tiffany’s won the 1961 Oscar for Best Original Song?

Moon River

2. The only UK road sign that is octagonal in shape orders drivers to do what?


3.      Per Una, Autograph and Blue Harbour are all brands of clothing sold by which high street retailer?

Marks and Spencer

4. Broadcast from 2004 to 2012, which television show was set at the fictional Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital?


5.      What is the connection?

Full (Full Moon, Full Stop, Full Marks, House)