General Knowledge

1.      “A Day In The Life” is the song that closes which famous album?

Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band

2.      The plot of the film “National Velvet” centres around what kind of animal?


3.      The poker hand known as “Dead Man’s Hand” is named so because which famous figure from the Old West was holding it at the time of his murder by Jack McCall?

Wild Bill Hickok

4.      If I was referring to a cats “Vibrissae”, what would I be talking about?


5.      If something is “Alliaceous” it smells like which food stuff?



90s Music

1.      Which female solo artist had more Number 1s in the UK in the 1990s than any other, with 3?


2.      Two groups had 8 number 1 singles in the 1990s – name them both?

Spice Girls and Westlife

3.      Name any of the 1990s Uk Number 1’s by “Snap”?

Power or Rhythm is a Dancer

4.      Which Britpop hit of the 90s begins with the line “Oh we were born within one hour of each other”?

Disco 2000 (by Pulp)

5.      Featuring the songs “Try no the breather” and “Man on the Moon”, which band released the hugely successful “Automatic for the People” in the 1990s?




Q: What do the following abbreviations stand for….

1.      In the name of a building – GCHQ

Government Communications Headquarters

2.      Something related to your wages – PAYE

Pay as Your Earn

3.      In the name of the organisation (as well as the hit song) – YMCA

Young Mans Christian Association

4.      In the name of the video games console – PSP

Playstation Portable

5.      An organisation of countries with a particular interest – OPEC

Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries




Famous Assassinations

1.      Which King is said to have ordered the murder of Thomas Becket at Canterbury Cathedral ?

Henry II

2.      What is the name of the Italian banker, who in 1982, was found hanged from Blackfriars bridge?

Roberto Calvi

3.      Roman Emperor Claudius was allegedly murdered by his wife Agrippina by using a poisoned vegetable. Which vegetable?


4.      Olof Plame, who was murdered in 1986, was the Prime Minister of which European country?


5.      Charles Gitteau murdered which US President in 1881 – was it Garfield, Lincoln or Mckinley?



The Human Body

1.      In what specific part of the body would you find the Talus and Tarsal bones?


2.      Ossification is the process of the formation of what within the body?


3.      What part of the body is able to increase up to 8 times its normal size?


4.      What is the anatomical name for the Armpit?


5.      The Fontanelle is found on which part of a new born baby?

The Head



1.      Which movie title character appeared in the first film in the series, which spawned over 20 sequels, but has never appeared in the series since?

Dr No

2.      Which Oscar winning film features the lead character Sally Bowles?


3.      Who plays Travis Bickle in the cult classic film “Taxi Driver”?

Robert De Niro

4.      What year features in the title of the 2017 Blade Runner movie?


5.      Who is the only black actress to win the Triple Crown of Acting (Emmy, Toni and Oscar) as well as being the only black actress to be nominated for an Oscar on three separate occasions?

Viola Davis





1 Questions 5 Answers

Q: What are the 5 subtitles of the movies in the Pirates of the Caribbean series?

The Curse of the Black Pearl


Dead Mans Chest


At Worlds End


On Stranger Tides


Salazar’s Revenge (accept Dead Men Tell No Tales)




1.      In 1970, who became the first woman in the open era of tennis to win all four Grand Slam singles titles in a calendar year?

Margaret Court

2.      In 2006, which of the four countries of the UK was the first to introduce a smoking ban in all enclosed work places?


3.      What slang term for the drug heroin is also the name of a type of ancient Chinese sailing ship that is still in use today?


4.      According to the property website Zoopla, High Street and Station Road are the two most common street names in the UK. What word goes before “Lane” and “Street” to give the third and fourth most common?


5.      What is the connection between the above answers?

The connection is “Yard”; Courtyard, Scotland Yard, Junkyard and Churchyard