General Knowledge

1.      Who played Dirty Harry in films such as The Dead Pool, Sudden Impact and Magnum Force?

Clint Eastwood

2.      Actress Isla Fisher is married to which British comedian, actor and writer?

Sacha Baron Cohen

3.      Despite what the poet John Betjamin may say about the town, which town was voted as the best place to work in the UK in a recent poll?


4.      Much in the news in recent weeks, what magazine was originally intended to be called Stag Party when it was launched in 1953?


5.      Sharing his surname with a town in Northwest England, who was elected leader of UKIP in September 2017?

Henry Bolton



1.      Which British Formula 1 driver won his first Grand Prix in Estoril in 1995?

David Coulthard

2.      How many teams based in Canada currently play in the NFL?


3.      Known as “The Flying Scotsman”, Graham Obree is most associated with which sport?


4.      Which English football team play their home games at The Riverside Stadium?


5.      How many times has Mo Farah won the Great North Run – twice, four times, six times or eight times?

4 times



1.      How many Inspector Morse Novels did Colin Dexter write – 13, 33 or 6?


2.      Which TV comedian has recently released her debut novel for kids entitled “The Girl with the Lost Smile”?

Miranda Hart

3.      Branwell was the less famous brother of which writing siblings?

Bronte Sisters

4.      Which famous short story writer was born with the name William Sydney Porter?

O Henry

5.      Who wrote the novel “IT” about the evil clown Pennywise, a film adaption of which is currently showing in cinemas?

Stephen King






1.      What is the first name of Captain Poldark?


2.      In which mystery series did Felicity Kendall and Pam Ferris play the title roles?

Rosemary and Thyme

3.      What is the surname of the identical twins who host the kids TV show “Operation Ouch”?

Van Tulleken

4.      In the recent remake of Porridge, which comedian plays the lead character, the grandson of Norman Stanley Fletcher?

Kevin Bishop

5.      Which American sitcom centres around “Mode” Magazine?

Ugly Betty



1.      Which anniversary was recently celebrated by BBC Radio 1?


2.      Kylie Minogue’s “Tears on My Pillow” and New Kids on the Block’s “Hangin Tough” were both number 1 in which year of the 1990s?


3.      “Father McKenzie writing the words of a sermon that no one will hear” is a lyric from which famous Beatles song?

Eleanor Rigby

4.      Who was the last act to win the Eurovision Song Contest for the United Kingdom?

Katrina and the Waves

5.      According to the famous song, what is “the hottest spot north of Havana”?

The Copacabana



1.      Which river runs through Manchester?


2.      Dar Es Salaam is the former capital of and largest city in which country?


3.      How many states of the USA end in the letter i?

3 (Hawaii, Missouri, Mississippi)

4.      Lebanon gained independence from which country in November 1943?


5.      Calamity Hook is an anagram of which US State capital?

Oklahoma City


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Q: Other than the USA and United Kingdom, which 5 countries make up the G7?













1.      Who played Rose Tyler in Doctor Who and the main character in “Secret Diary of a Call Girl”?

Billie Piper

2.      Born in 1961, who was the youngest daughter of John Spencer and in July 1981 was watched by over 750 million in the biggest TV event of the decade?

Princess Diana

3.      Which is the 4th largest planet in our Solar System?


4.      Which film series began in 1996 starring Neve Campbell as Sidney and Courtney Cox as TV reporter Gail Weathers?


6.      What is the connection between the four clues?

Michael Jackson songs (Billie Jean, Dirty Diana, Earth Song and Scream)