General Knowledge

1.      In 2006, which of the four countries of the UK was the first to introduce a smoking ban in all enclosed work places?


2.      What four-letter combination ends the name of five different countries that border China?


3.      The Golden Spurtle is a trophy awarded annually to the person who is judged the best in the world at making what common breakfast dish?


4.      In 1984, which European country beginning with the letter L, was the last to give women the vote?


5.      Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva are the Trinity of Supreme Divinity in which religion?



Food and Drink

1.      Which Dutch Cheese, famous for its distinct holes, has been in the past advertised with the slogan “the taste is around the holes”?


2.      What do we call what the French call a “pomme de terre”?


3.      In which US state is the wine region known as Napa Valley?


4.      What drink is added to Guinness to make a “Black Velvet”?


5.      What is stuffed into a Steak in the Australian dish known as Carpetbag Steak?



Science and Nature

1.      Hipparchus is best remembered for producing the first catalogue of what in 130 BC?


2.      Used to measure the intensity of a sound, the decibel is one tenth of a unit that was named after which famous scientist?

Alexander Graham Bell

3.      Which set of annual awards were established in the will of the Swedish inventor who was best known for inventing dynamite?

Nobel Prizes

4.      Hawksbill, leatherback and loggerhead are all species of what type of animal?


5.      What is the only bird that features in the Chinese zodiac?


Rooster (accept Chicken)


Toys and Games

1.      In what decade was the first branded “Action Man” released?


2.      Kibitzer, The Gin Position and Bearing off are all terms used in which game?


3.      What is the only letter that doesn’t appear in the names of any of the squares on a standard UK Monopoly board?


4.      Which of the following isn’t one of the rooms in the board game Cluedo; the study, the parlour or the hall?



5.      Walter Fredrick Morrison sold the rights to his “Pluto Platter” in 1955, but under what name did this toy become popular?




1.      How are Olga, Irina and Maria known in the title of a Chekov play?

Three Sisters

2.      Who is the author of the Hunger Games series?

Suzanne Collins

3.      Published on Sundays, the Observer is a sister newspaper to which daily newspaper?


4.       In the Agatha Christie novel Murder On The Orient Express, the Orient Express starts its journey in which city?


5.      What is the title of Stephen King’s 1981 novel about a rabid St. Bernard dog?











1.      This novel was first published in 1983 under the title “The Sheep Pig” by Dick King Smith, but what title did the 1995 CGI heavy film adaptation go by?


2.      Directed by Oliver Stone, the 2008 film W was based on which real life person?

George W Bush

3.      In which film did Jude Law play a sniper at the Battle of Stalingrad?


Enemy at the Gates

4.      “Reach for the sky”, “this town ain’t big enough for the two of us” and “somebody’s poisoned the waterhole” are all quotes associated with which movie character?


Woody from Toy Story

5.      Which comedy duo played two inept policemen in the 1980’s film The Boys in Blue?


Cannon and Ball


1 Questions – 5 Answers

Q: Who are the first five people to sing on the original Band Aid song “Do They Know Its Christmas”?

1.      Paul Young


2.      Boy George


3.      George Michael


4.      Simon Le Bonn


5.      Sting












1.      Which British singer rose to prominence in 2012 with the single “Hot Right Now” and has also had hit singles with “RIP” and “How We Do”?

Rita Ora

2.      Complete the song title from Mary Poppins “Lets go fly a ___”?


3.      How many squares are there on a Chessboard?


4.      Which actress became known for her role in Ally Mcbeal, played one of the heroines in the 2000 movie Charlies Angels and plays Joan Watson in the TV series “Elementary”?

Lucy Liu

5.      What connects the above four answers?

All feature in titles of Beatles Songs (specifically from the Sgt Pepper album)


Lovely Rita, Being for the Benefit of Mr Kite, When Im 64, Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds