General Knowledge

1.      First observed in 2002, on what date does Patriot Day occur in the USA?


September 11th

2.      Which member of the Royal Family is the President of the National Trust?


Prince Charles

3.      Of the four US Presidents whose faces are sculpted on Mount Rushmore, which one has a moustache?


Theodore Roosevelt

4.      What is the cheapest property on a standard UK Monopoly board?


Old Kent Road

5.      In November it was announced that Sarah Clarke would be the first person to take on which traditional role?

Black Rod


2017 in Review

1.      Which nation offered to pay their Cold War debts in Rum in 2017?


2.      In sporting terms, what food item brought Wayne Shaw into the news in 2017?

Pie (He was the Sutton goalie who ate a pie on TV to win a bet in a Cup tie with Arsenal)

3.      Which actress, who died in 2017, had her ashes placed in an urn shaped like a Prozac Pill?

Carrie Fisher

4.      Which team won the 2017 Superbowl with a dramatic overtime victory?

New England Patriots

5.      How many years of marriage did Queen Elizabeth II celebrate in November 2017?




1.      With a total of 22, which defender has scored a record 22 penalties in the Premier League?

David Unwsorth

2.      Who scored his 14th and final test century for England in the 1986 Ashes?

Ian Botham

3.      Who was the manager of Liverpool when they last won the Premier League?

Kenny Dalglish

4.      In which year did Amir Khan win a silver medal for Great Britain at the Olympic Games?


5.      When playing for Northern Ireland at the 1982 World Cup in Spain, which 17-year-old footballer broke Pele’s record as the youngest player to appear in a World Cup?


Norman Whiteside



1.      What was the title of the television series that saw Connie Fisher chosen to play the leading role in an Andrew Lloyd Webber stage production of The Sound of Music?


How Do You Solve a Problem like Maria

2.       In July 2017, the BBC published the salaries of its highest-paid stars for the first time. Which 73-year-old man featured among the top five earners?


John Humphreys

3.      An April Fools’ Day edition of which television show in 1957 appeared to show a family in Switzerland harvesting spaghetti from a “spaghetti tree”?



4.      Mike, played by Kenneth MacDonald, was the landlord of which television pub between 1983 and 1996?


The Nags Head

5.      Shepton Daphnis Horsa, Fernville Lord Digby and Gambit have all appeared in television adverts for which company?





1.      What surname features in the title of hit singles by Billy Paul, Counting Crows and Aqua?


2.      Which famous singer was nicknamed the “walrus of love”?


Barry White

3.      Which song was originally recorded by the Temptations, but was never released as their record label were worried about the effect it might have on their image, and was then recorded by Edwin Starr, with his version reaching number three in the UK singles chart in 1970?



4.      Which of the following had a UK Top 40 hit single in 2009 with a version of Bohemian Rhapsody; The Wombles The Muppets or The Smurfs


The Muppet

5.      In 1997, who became the first ever act to have their first five singles reach No.1 in the UK singles chart?


The Spice Girls


1.      Which 1963 film, became the first ever film to be the highest-grossing film of its year, but fail to make a profit?



2.      Which 1993 film, starring Tom Cruise, was advertised with the tagline “they made him an offer he should have refused”?


The Firm

3.      Who provides the voice of the title character in the recently released film Paddington 2?


Ben Wishaw

4.      Who sang the theme song to the James Bond film The Man With The Golden Gun?



5.      Working to end Al Capone’s illegal activities in the late 1920’s and early 1930’s, by what name was the group of nine US federal law-enforcement agents, led by Eliot Ness, commonly known?


The Untouchables


1 Questions 5 Answers

Q: List the five most populated countries in Africa…

1.      Nigeria


2.      Ethiopia


3.      Egypt


4.      Democratic Republic of Congo


5.      South Africa




1.      Dutch singer Mr Probz had a UK Number 1 hit in 2013 with which song?


2.      What is the nickname of the character played by Jennie Mcapline in Coronation Street?


3.      What surname is shared by a Manchester United and England defender, a former member of the pop band Hearsay and the playwright who won the 1925 Nobel Prize for Literature?


4.      Complete the title of a famous work by Charles Darwin “The Descent of ____”?


5.      What is the connection between the above answers?

Eurovision Song Contest Winners for the UK