General Knowledge

  1. The Dalai Lama lives in exile in which country?



  1. Of the four US Presidents whose faces are sculpted on Mount Rushmore, which one has a moustache?


Theodore Roosevelt

3.       On television, which car did Thierry Henry advertise with the slogan “va va voom”?


Renault Clio

4.       In 1977, Which U.S. President committed an unpardonable sin by kissing the Queen Mother on the lips??

Jimmy Carter

5.       What did the Nazis plan to flood Britain with in Operation Bernhard?

Forged Currency



  1. Each of the following acts had a hit single in the UK the 1980’s with a song called The Power Of Love, but which of these didn’t make it to the UK No.1; Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Jennifer Rush; or Huey Lewis And The News?


Huey Lewis and the News

2.       The music video for which song by Peter Gabriel won a record nine awards at the 1987 MTV Video Music Awards?


3.       Which singer had a string of hits in the 1970’s and is often referred to as the `Queen of Disco`?


Donna Summer

4.       Which band had hits with Linger and Dreams?


The Cranberries


  1. Who had a hit in 1985 with the track One More Night?


Phil Collins



1.    How many of Henry VIII’s wives lost their heads?


2.    Who was the last British monarch from the House of York?

Richard III

3.    Which British liner was sunk off the Irish coast by a German submarine on 7th May 1915?


4.    Who was famously assasinated with an Ice Pick in Mexico?

Leon Trotsky

5.    The so-called Pastry war of 1838 was fought between Mexico and which other nation – was it France, Spain or Argentina?




1.       Which of Jane Austen’s novels has the shortest title?



2.       What is the surname of the family of children – including Edmund and Lucy – who appear in the Chronicles of Narnia books?


3.       Give any year in the life of Charles Dickens….

1812-1870 (accept anything in this range)

4.       Who wrote the novel “Captain Corelli’s Madolin”?

Louis De Bernieres

5.       What does the S stand for in the name of CS Lewis?




1.       Boxers who weigh over how many pounds are considered heavyweights by all major professional boxing organisations; 200 pounds, 22 pounds or 240 pounds?


2.       In 2017, who became the first ever English football manager to win his first four league matches in the Premier League?

Craig Shakespeare

3.       What does a cricket umpire signal by raising both hands above his head?

A Six

4.       What sport is played by the Utah Jazz and LA Clippers?


5.       In October 2017, which team (with only 10 points) recorded he worst start to a season after relegation from the Premier League?




1.       What connects the characters played by Jack Nicholson in the film Mars Attacks, Billy Bob Thornton in the film Love Actually and Tim Robbins in the film Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me?


Fictional US Presidents

2.       Which 1975 film, directed by Peter Weir, was about the disappearance of several schoolgirls on an outing on Valentine’s Day in 1900?


Picnic at Hanging Rock

3.       In which James Bond film would you meet a butler called Nick Nack?


The Man With The Golden Gun

4.       What is “invented” by Ricky Gervais’ character according to the title of a film he starred in alongside Jennifer Garner?


5.       Who played the title character in the 2014 movie “John Wick”?

Keanu Reeves


1 Question – 5 Answers

Q: Prior to Emmanuel Macron, identify the last 5 Presidents of France by their Initials?


Francois Hollande


Nicolas Sarkozy


Jacques Chirac


Francois Mitterand


Valery Giscard d’Estaing



1.       In which fast food restaurant can you try an option from The Signature Menu and occasionally win prizes by collecting Monopoly Properties?


2.       Mary Anne Evans wrote novels including “The Mill on the Floss” and “Middlemarch” under what Pen Name?

George Eliot

3.       What name is shared by the host of BBC Radio 2’s “Sound of the Seventies” and a brand of Scottish Whiskey?

Johnnie Walker

4.       Which former England International footballer played for both Watford and Liverpool and famously performed the rap on the 1990 World Cup song “World in Motion”?

John Barnes

5.       What is the connection between your last four answers?

Landlords/Owners of the Rovers Return in Coronation Street (Steve and Liz Mcdonald, Fred Elliot, Annie and Jack Walker, Natalie Barnes)