General Knowledge

1.      The Ethmoid bone can be found on which part of the body?

Skull (accept head)

2.      Barci the cockerel features in the logo of which restaurant chain?


3.      King Letsie III is the current monarch of which landlocked African nation?


4.      Which musical tells the tale of Kevin Price and Arnold Cunningham on a trip to Uganda?

The Book of Mormon

5.      In which city is The High Roller, the largest Ferris Wheel in the world?

Las Vegas



1.      In which TV series did Lee Majors play a character called Colt Seavers?

The Fall Guy

2.      What kind of animal was Quick Draw McGraw?


3.      Who won the series of “Im a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here” which first featured Jordan and Peter Andre?

Kerry Katona

4.      What is the first name of Mrs Barnaby in the TV drama series Midsomer Murders?


5.      Which Hollywood A Lister appeared in the last ever episode of The Fast Show?

Johnny Depp



1.      Formed in 1991, which chart-topping pop group named themselves after the postcode of their hometown of Walthamstow?

East 17

2.      Going straight to No.1 in the UK albums chart when it was released in 1995, It’s Great When You’re Straight…Yeah was the debut album of which group?

Black Grape

3.      In October 2017, which singer reached number one in the UK album charts with Now, her first studio album since 2002?

Shania Twain

4.      Word Gets Around was the debut album of which welsh band?


5.      How many times does Kylie Mingoue say the word “Lucky” in her number one hit single “I Should be So lucky” – Is it more or less than 50?

Less….its 48


Geography and Places

1.      Which of these Italian cities has a coastline on the Ligurian Sea – Milan, Naples, Genoa or Turin?


2.      What is the name of the strait of water that separates Australia and New Guinea?

Torres Strait

3.      What famous volcano would you find on Ross Island?

Mount Erebus

4.      The city of Hue was the capital of which country between 1902 and 1945?


5.      Lying 2,000km from St Helena and 2,400km from South Africa, which Archipelago is the most remote in the world?

Trista Da Cunha



1.      In 2015, who became the first player to have scored a hat trick in the English Premier League, La Liga and Serie A?

Alexis Sanchez

2.      In 2017, Wayne Bennett coached the England team in which sport to the World Cup Final, only to be defeated by Australia?

Rugby League

3.      Which cricket ground is home to Surrey Cricket Club?

The Oval

4.      In what year did Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania next send Athletes to the Summer Olympics after 1936?


5.      Which boxer, born in Liverpool in 1982, featured in the movie “Creed” in his acting debut?

Tony Bellew




1.      Born in 1941, which actor links the films Barry Lyndon, Whats Up Doc, Paper Moon and Love Story?

Ryan O Neal

2.      Who played Scrooge in “The Muppets Christmas Carol”?

Michael Caine

3.      Currently showing in UK cinemas, what sport features in the movie “Battle of the Sexes”?


4.      Which Stanley Kubrick film is based on a novel by William Makepeace Thackeray and tells the tale of a fictional 18th Century Irish Rogue?

Barry Lyndon

5.      Played by Dan Stevens who is the subject of the 2017 film “The Man Who Invented Christmas”?

Charles Dickens


1 Question 5 Answers…

Q: Not including “Merry Xmas Everybody”, Can you name the five number 1 singles for Slade in the UK in the 1970s?

Coz I Love You


Take me Back Home


Mamma We’re All Crazy Now


Come On Feel the Noise


Squeeze Me Please Me




1.      Which striker move from Liverpool to Chelsea in 2011 for a fee of £50 million?

Fernando Torres

2.      What is the name of the fictional TV chat show disastrously hosted on BBC by Alan Partridge?

Knowing Me Knowing You

3.      Which Battle was fought on Sunday 18th June 1815 at a site that is in present Day Belguim?


4.      In Morse code….what three letters are represented by “Dot Dot Dot, Dash Dash Dash, Dot Dot Dot”?


5.      What is the connection in the above answers ?

Abba Songs – Fernando,