General Knowledge

1.      Which book of the Old Testament has the most chapters?


2.      What did Oscar Wilde famously says was the “scourge of the drinking man”?


3.      How many riders compete in a standard Speedway race?


4.      Which actress married Paul Simon in 1983?

Carrie Fisher

5.      Honolulu is the capital of which US State?




1.      Which club won both the League Cup and FA Cup in 1993?


2.      Which team recently ended Celtic’s 69 game unbeaten domestic run?


3.      Who was the only footballer to be nominate for the 2017 BBC Sports Personality of the Year?

Harry Kane

4.      Who was the first player to make 400 appearances in the Premier League?

Gary Speed

5.      In which city was the 1994 World Cup Final held?

Los Angeles


Money Money Money

1.      Who plays Nick Leeson in the film “Rouge Trader” telling the tale of the fall of Barings Bank?

Ewan McGregor

2.      Which British coin was first issued in 1982?


3.      How many US Cents are there in a Nickel?


4.      What do the initials HSBC stand for?

Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation

5.      In a standard UK version of Monopoly, what colour is the £50 note?



We Don’t Need No Education

1.      What does the acronym OFSTED stand for?

Office for Standards in Education

2.      In which TV sitcom does Rudge Park Comprehensive School and Sixth Form feature?

The Inbetweeners

3.      Which Greek Philosopher was a tutor to Alexander the Great?


4.      Which Ivy League University is found in the state of Connecticut?


5.      Who plays Miss Trunchbull in the movie version of the Roald Dhal book Matilda?

Pam Ferris



1.      What was the name of the hoppy rabbit in The Magic Roundabout?


2.      Grace and Favour was a spin off from which famous UK sitcom?

Are You Being Served

3.      Karl Howman played a painter and decorator in which 1980s sitcom?

Brush Strokes

4.      What is the title of the BBC Sitcom in which David Mitchell plays William Shakespeare?

Upstart Crow

5.      How many Eggheads appear on each episode of the popular BBC 2 quiz show?




1.      How many wedges must you collect to win a game of Trivial Pursuit?


2.      What table top game is named after a type of falcon?


3.      What game is described as “the saddle stacking game with the moody mule”?


4.      Dr Orchid is the latest character to be added to which popular board game?


5.      In a game of Scrabble….if you were the first player and played the word Zoo, how many points would you score?

24 (10 for Z, 1 each for the O) – But the first player’s score is doubled


1 Question 5 Answers

Q: Name the 5 countries to have won the Eurovision Song Contest whose name in English begins either with the letter “A” or the Letter “I”

1.      Azerbaijan


2.      Austria


3.      Ireland


4.      Italy


5.      Israel




1.      Sake is a Japanese wine made from fermenting what?


2.      What is the most populous city in the US State of Texas?


3.      Born in 1964, which American singer-songwriter is best known for her hits “Fast Car” and “Give Me One More Reason”?

Tracy Chapman

4.      Who wrote the famous novels “Brighton Rock”, “The Power and the Glory” and “Our Man in Havana”?

Graham Greene

5.      What is the connection between the above answers?

Arsenal Managers (Pat Rice, Stewart Houston, Herbert Chapman, George Graham)