General Knowledge

1.      How many cartoon images does each player have on their board at the start of a game of Guess Who – 12, 24, 26 or 48?


2.      Who wrote the Mr Men series of books?

Roger Hargreaves

3.      How many James Bond movies have only a one word title?


4.      Which car logo consists of three diamonds which meet in the middle?


5.      The teddy bear is named after which former US President?

Theodore Roosevelt



1.      Umberto II was the last king of which country?


2.      Who was the British monarch when the Titanic sank?

George V

3.      Which treaty formally ended World War 1?

Treaty of Versailles

4.      The country we know as Bangladesh was known by what name between 1955 and 1971?

East Pakistan

5.      Which of Henry VII’s wives was married to him for the longest time?

Catherine of Aragon


Food and Drink

1.      Feta cheese originates from which country?


2.      What type of fish is used to make a kipper?


3.      In what decade was sliced bread first sold in the UK?


4.      True of False – Gin is the main alcoholic ingredient in a Singapore Sling?


5.      Whitstable in Kent is most associated with which specific sea food?



Capital Cities – Which country has the following capital city….

1.      Zagreb


2.      Kabul


3.      Kingston


4.      Bern


5.      Budapest







2000s Music

1.      Which Spice Girl teamed up with Lisa Left Eye Lopes on the 2000 number 1 “Never Be The Same Again”?

Mel C

2.      In what year did Robbie Williams and Nicole Kidman hit Xmas Number 1 in 2001 with “Something Stupid”?


3.      What religion featured in the title of a Number 1 hit in the 2000s for Oasis?


4.      From which country did the band TATU originate?


5.      Which father/daughter duo had a Number 1in the 2000s with “Changes”?

Kelly and Ozzy Osbourne


The Human Body

1.      Which organ in the human body produces, stores and release glucose?

The Liver

2.      What name is given to the study of the Skin?


3.      What is the scapula?

The Shoulder Blade

4.      Where in the human body do you find the Alveoli?


5.      What is protected by your cranium?

Your Brain!


1 Questions – 5 Answers (1 point each)

Q: List the 5 countries of the world that being with the letter “B” that DO NOT have the letter A in their name?

1.      Belgium


2.      Benin


3.      Burundi


4.      Belize


5.      Brunei




1.      What is the nickname of the great bell in the clock tower of the Palace of Westminster?

Big Ben

2.      Lee Van Cleef played Angels in the famous Western “The Good, The Bad and the Ugly”. Was his character the good, the bad or the ugly?

The Bad

3.      Which female tennis player competed against Bobby Riggs in the famous “Battle of the Sexes” Tennis in 1973?

Billie Jean King

4.      What name was given to the famous 1975 Boxing clash between Joe Frazier and Muhammad Ali?

Thriller in Manilla

5.      What is the connection between the above 4 answers?

Michael Jackson sons (Ben, Bad, Billie Jean and Thriller)