General Knowledge

1.      Jean Valjean is the main character in which long running stage musical?

Les Miserables

2.      What is the name of Simba’s father in Disney’s “The Lion King”?


3.      Vilnus is the capital of which European country?


4.      What is the official language of Sierra Leone – English, French or Portuguese?


5.      Who had a number 1 hit in 2017 with his debut solo single “Sign of the Times”?

Harry Styles


TV Comedy

1.      In what sitcom do the main characters attend Rudge Park Comprehensive?

The Inbetweeners

2.      “Going Straight” was a sequel to which famous British Sitcom?


3.      In Rising Damp, Rigsby’s cat shares a name with which European capital city?


4.      Which famous actor played the title role in the sitcom “Citizen Smith”?

Robert Lindsay

5.      What is the name of the campsite in the classic sitcom “Hi Di Hi”?



Name the Year – The Noughties (In what year of the 2000’s did the following events occur?

1.      David Cameron was elected was leader of the Conservative Party


2.      The M6 Toll motorway opened


3.      Beijing held the Summer Olympic Games


4.      Dr Harold Shipman was sentenced to life in prison


5.      The new Wembley Stadium opened its doors to the public for the first time



Geography and Places

1.      What is the largest country in Africa by area?


2.      In which ocean does the island of Bora Bora lie?


3.      In which English country is Dartmoor National Park?


4.      How many countries in Europe had a name (in English) which begins with the letter C?

3 (Cyprus, Croatia, Czech Republic)

5.      What is the name of the longest river in Ireland?

River Shannon


Britpop Music

1.      Which Britpop lead singer famously invaded the stage during Michael Jackson’s rendition of Earth Song at the Brit Awards?

Jarvis Cocker

2.      What was the title of Oasis’s 3rd album, the follow up to “What’s the Story Morning Glory”?

Be Here Now

3.      “Confidence is the preference of for the habitual voyeur” is the opening line of which Britpop Anthem?


4.      Brett Anderson and Bernard are the most notable members of which Britpop band?


5.      Which Britpop band had hit with “Riverboat Song” and “The Day We Caught the Train”?

Ocean Colour Scene


1980s – Film

1.      With which 1980s comedy would you associated the line “Don’t Call Me Shirley”?


2.      Which film grossed the most money worldwide at the Box Office in the 1980s?


3.      In what 1980s classic movie series does Eddie Murphy play Axel Foley?

Beverley Hills Cop

4.      Who played Peter Venkman in the 1980s movie Ghostbuster’s?

Bill Murray

5.      In what decade is the Raiders of the Lost Ark set?



1 Question 5 Answers (1 point each)

Q: Other than New York, name the five states of the USA that begin with either the word “New” or the word “North”?

1.      North Carolina


2.      North Dakota


3.      New Mexico


4.      New Hampshire


5.      New Jersey








1.      What was the name of the veteran traveller who visited Kubla Khan in the 13th Century?

Marco Polo

2.      Which animal is sometimes given the name Renard?


3.      What do the Americans call our game of Noughts and Crosses?

Tic Tac Toe

4.      What type of weapon was the Zulu’s “Assegai”?


5.      What is the connection between the above 4 answers?

Mints (Polo, Fox, Tic Tac and Spear)