What is a clavichord? Musical instrument
Which is the highest female singing voice? Soprano
Who wrote ‘Winter’ from the classical music work ‘The Four Seasons’? Vivaldi
Which voice in singing is between a tenor and a soprano? Alto
About which composer was the 1984 film Amadeus? Mozart
La Boheme, The Marriage of Figaro, Rigoletto and Aida are all examples of what? Operas
Rodrigo’s Concerto d’Aranjuez is played on which instrument? Guitar
Which piece of music by Wagner was used as the theme for the film ‘Apocalypse Now’? Ride of the Valkyries
What are the surnames of the three tenors? Pavarotti, Carreras, Domingo
Which composer was able to write in spite of becoming almost totally deaf in later life? Ludwig van Beethoven
About which romantic pair did Berlioz write a symphony? Romeo and Juliet
What’s the term for a composition for four instruments? Quartet
With which instrument was Jacqueline Du Pré associated? / ¿Con qué instrumento musical se asocia Jacqueline Du Pré? (Violon) Cello / Violoncelo
Who composed ‘Clair De Lune’? Claude Debussy
In which Italian town are Stradivarius violins made? / ¿En qué ciudad se hacen los violines ‘Stradivarius’? Cremona
Who was the husband of famous cellist Jacqueline du Pre? Daniel Barenboim
Whose musical works were classified by Kochel numbers? Mozart
Which classical violinist, said to have sold his soul to the devil in exchange for his remarkable talent, composed the 24 Caprices for solo violin? Niccolo Paganini
What’s the name of the bass tuba that wraps itself around the player’s body? Sousaphone
With which musical instrument do we associate Sir Yehudi Menuhin? Violin
To which family of musical instruments does the bassoon belong? / fagot Woodwind
In which city was Ludwig van Beethoven born on 16th December 1770? Bonn, Germany
In which century was Chopin born? 19th
The Hallelujah Chorus comes from which work, often performed at Christmas? Handel’s ‘The Messiah’
What nationality was composer Rimsky-Korsakov? Russian
In classical music a piano trio is a chamber ensemble consisting of a piano, a violin and which other musical instrument? Cello
Which classical composers ‘Ode to Joy’ is the anthem of the European Union? Ludwig van Beethoven
Chopin wrote music almost exclusively for which instrument? Piano
Who wrote the choral work The Messiah? Händel, Haydn or Holst? Händel
Which composer’s 6th Symphony is known as the ‘Pathétique’? Tchaikovsky
What type of work by Beethoven has the title ‘Moonlight’? Sonata