1.       What slang term for Britain comes from a Hindu word meaning foreigner?



2.       Which personification of Britain was created in 1712 by the political satirist John Arbuthnot along with his sister Peg, who represents Scotland and his arch enemy Louis Baboon, a symbol of France?


John Bull

3.       Which Scottish King created the Order of the Thistle in 1540, the second oldest order in Britain?

James V

4.       Which icon of Britain was originally designed in the 1920s by Giles Gilbert Scott?

The Red Telephone Box

5.       The very centre of the British Isles is measured to be Dunsop Village. In which country does Dunsop village lie?



6.       When the BBC published its Greatest Britons poll in the year 2002, who was the only member of the Beatles NOT to make the list?


Ringo Starr

7.       Which sportsman was the first living person, other than a member of the Royal family, to appear on a Scottish bank note?

Jack Nicklaus

8.       Who was the first Scottish person to appear on a Bank of England bank note?


Adam Smith