1 Who was the last British monarch to sack a British Prime Minister? William IV
2 Caen is the capital of which French Department? Calvados
3 Relating to weather, cirrus is a type of what? Cloud
4 In the British tv series ‘Rising Damp’, what is Rigsby’s first name? Rupert
5 Which airline is nicknamed ‘The Flying Kangaroo’? QANTAS
6 What does the Latin phrase ‘Ad vitam’ translate to in English? For life
7 The first Eurovision Song Contest was held in which European country in 1956? Switzerland
8 Mount Waas is in which US State? Utah
9 Which cartoon character had the maiden name ‘Slaghoople’? Wilma Flintstone
10 Mrs Chippy was the name of the ship’s cat aboard which vessel used by Ernest Shackleton for his Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition? Endurance
11 ‘Best of Both Worlds’ by Miley Cyrus is the theme song to which US tv show? Hannah Montana
12 ‘Think Different’ is an advertising slogan for which company? Apple (computers)
13 A ‘moderate breeze’ is which number on The Beaufort Scale? 4
14 The sixpenny coin ceased to be legal tender in Britain during which year? 1980
15 How many wings does a honeybee have? Four
16 In the novel by Daniel Defoe, for how many years was Robinson Crusoe shipwrecked? 28
17 Arachibutyrophobia is the irrational fear of which foodstuff sticking to the roof of the mouth? Peanut butter
18 Uranium deposit Rum Jungle is in which Australian state? Northern Territory
19 Albino, Grimshaw and Plachutta are terms used in which game? Chess
20 The resort town of Sliema is on which Mediterranean island? Malta
21 In the Bible, what is the Decalogue more commonly known as? The Ten Commandments
22 Introduced in the UK in 1978 and ran until 1983, what did YOP stand for? Youth Opportunities Programme
23 ‘Now what I want is, Facts’ is the opening line of which Charles Dickens novel? Hard Times
24 In British currency, how many pre-decimal pennies were in a pound? 240
25 The Kirin is a supernatural spirit in the mythology of which country? Japan
26 Hoss, Little Joe and Ben are characters in which US tv series? Bonanza
27 Harold and Louise were the parents of which member of The Beatles? George Harrison
28 In the book by Miguel de Cervantes, who was Don Quixote’s squire? Sancho Panza
29 American Buff, Pilgrim and Cotton Patch are breeds of which bird? Goose
30 ‘Mercredi’ is French for which day of the week? Wednesday