In 1965, who became the first non-Royal to appear on a British Coin? Winston Churchill
The term “Nosey Parker” comes from the nickname of Matthew Parker, a man who lived in 16th Century Britain. What seminal position did he hold – Was he the Prime Minister, the Lord of the Admiralty, the Archbishop of Canterbury or the Chief of Police? Archbishop of Canterbury
Used in the game of chess, what term comes from the Persian word for “the king is dead”? Checkmate
There are only two words in the English language that have three consecutive double letters….can you name either? Bookkeeper or Bookkeeping
Which sketch show famously featured spam, cross dressing lumberjacks and the ministry of silly walks? Monty Pythons Flying Circus
How many months of the year have the same spelling in French as they do in English? 0
What was the name of the last black and white film to win the Oscar for Best Picture? The Artist
Which type of Indian Rice has a name meaning “the fragrant one”? Basmati
What religion is the Dalai Lama? Buddhist
The name of which board game translates as “Sparrow”? Mahjong
“A Day In The Life” is the song that closes which famous album? Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band
The plot of the film “National Velvet” centres around what kind of animal? Horse
The poker hand known as “Dead Man’s Hand” is named so because which famous figure from the Old West was holding it at the time of his murder by Jack McCall? Wild Bill Hickok
If I was referring to a cats “Vibrissae”, what would I be talking about? Whiskers
If something is “Alliaceous” it smells like which food stuff? Garlic
Which female solo artist had more Number 1s in the UK in the 1990s than any other, with 3? Cher
Two groups had 8 number 1 singles in the 1990s – name them both? Spice Girls and Westlife
Name any of the 1990s Uk Number 1’s by “Snap”? Power or Rhythm is a Dancer
Which Britpop hit of the 90s begins with the line “Oh we were born within one hour of each other”? Disco 2000 (by Pulp)
Featuring the songs “Try no the breather” and “Man on the Moon”, which band released the hugely successful “Automatic for the People” in the 1990s? REM