The founder of Wikipedia shares a surname with which country of the United Kingdom? Wales (Jimmy Wales)
The Karnak Temple Complex, dating back to the ancient city of Thebes, is located in which country? Egypt
The name of which style of Japanese dish literally means “Glazed Roast”? Teryiaki
The Tivoli Gardens are a major tourist attraction in which European capital city? Copenhagen
Using a standard dartboard, what is the lowest number that cannot be scored with just one dart? (Tip the answer is not 0) 23
What animal has a name meaning “Earth Pig” in Afrikaans? Aardvark
What animal is known in French as Pappillion? Butterfly
What animal is known in latin as Puffinus Puffinus? Manx Sherwater
What are the first names of the British TV Comedy duo, Hale and Pace? Gareth and Thomas
What band did lead singer Jimmy Sommerville form after he left Bronski Beat? The Communards
What Chinese-style dish has a name that is derived from Chinese words meaning “fried” and “noodles”? Chow Mein
What colour appears in the name of the longest river in South Africa? Orange
What colour is the “L” on the official logo of Google? Green
What colour is the District line on the maps of the London Underground? Green
What have you won if you are awarded the Vince Lombardi Trophy? Superbowl
What is the first name of the character Indiana Jones? Henry
What is the first name of the individual after whom the Ryder Cup is named? Samuel
What is the lowest score in Darts that you CANNOT achieve with a single dart? 23
What is the most populated city that the river Danube flows through? Vienna
What links Dwayne Johnson and Alcatraz? The Rock (both known as the Rock)