1TACV is the national airline of where? Nigeria, Tunisia, Cameroon, Cape VerdeCape Verde
2TAM Linhas Aereas is based in which Brazilian City? Flamingo, Sao Paulo, Rio, BrasiliaSao Paulo
3Tamatve airport can be found in which nation? Jamaica, Madagascar, Mauritius, South AfricaMadagascar
4TAME is the national Airline of which South American Country? Argentina, Brazil, Chile, EcuadorEcuador
5TAP is an airline from which nation? Netherlands, Germany, Portugal, FrancePortugal
6Tarbes airport can be found in which nation? France, Italy, Mexico, SpainFrance
7TAROM is the National Airline of which country? Romania, Russia, Macedonia, TurkeyRomania
8Tegel Airport can be found in which European Capital? Berlin, Vienna, Madrid, RomeBerlin
9Tempelhof Airport can be found in which European Capital? Madrid, Rome, Vienna, BerlinBerlin
10Thalerhof Airport can be found in which European City Turin, Vienna, Graz, BerlinGraz
11The airport with the code FLL can be found where? Texas, New York, Florida, CaliforniaFlorida
12The airport in Salzburg is name after which composer? Bach, Brahms, Mozart, BeethovenMozart
13The airport with the code BWI can be found where? Baltimore, Brooklyn, Beijing, BoiseBaltimore
14The airport with the code LGA can be found in which US State? New York, California, Texas, FloridaNew York
15The Arturo Marino Beneitez Airport is located in which South American Capital City? Santiago, Montevideo, Bogota, Buenos AriesSantiago
16The Blue Danube Airport is located in…? Linz, Strasbourg, Paris, AntwerpLinz
17The British Airways Logo is mainly which colour? White, Red, Black, BlueBlue
18The Eduardo Gomes Airport is located in which country? Spain, Brazil, Mexico, PortugalBrazil
19The Intercontinental Airline in Houston is named after which US President? JFK, Clinton, Washington, BushBush
20The Malev airline is based in which country? France, Hungary, Belgium, SpainHungary