1Which is the correct title of a 2011 Lil Wayne hit? 7 Foot 8 Foot, 5 Foot 6 Foot, 6 Foot 7 Foot, 4 Foot 5 Foot6 Foot 7 Foot
2Which is the correct title of a 2012 hit for fun.? Some Nights, Some Weeks, Some Months, Some DaysSome Nights
3Which is the correct title of a 2012 Justin Bieber hit? Girlfriend, Boyfriend, Wife, HusbandBoyfriend
4Which is the correct title of a 2013 Phillip Phillips hit? There There There, Here Here Here, Gone Gone Gone, Where Where WhereGone Gone Gone
5Which is the correct title of a charting band in this decade? Eli Young Band, Eli Old Band, Eli Jones Band, Eli Smith BandEli Young Band
6Which is the correct title of Nicki Minaj’s 2010 debut album? Black Wednesday, Pink Friday, Red Sunday, Blue MondayPink Friday
7Which is the correct title of the 2013 Justin Timberlake album? The 40/40 Dance, The 20/20 Experience, The 40/40 Experience, The 20/20 DanceThe 20/20 Experience
8Which is the main city mentioned in the chorus of the hit “Empire State of Mind”? New York, California, LA, Las VegasNew York
9Which Jessie had a 2011 hit with “Price Tag”? Jessie J, Jessie G, Jessie C, Jessie DJessie J
10Which Kings of Leon song reached the highest chart position? Radioactive, Crawl, Use Somebody, Sex on FireUse Somebody
11Which member of Kings of Leon plays the drums? Matthew, Caleb, Nathan, JaredNathan
12Which member of One Direction has the surname Payne? Harry, Louis, Liam, NiallLiam
13Which member of The Wanted has the surname Parker? Max, Tom, Jay, SivaTom
14Which of the following did not feature on the 2010 track “Do You Remember”? Sean Paul, Lil Jon, Jay Sean, LudacrisLudacris
15Which of the following is the correct title of a 2012 hit for Train? Drive By, Fly By, Drive Through, Fly ThroughDrive By
16Which of the following is the correct title of the hit featuring Kayne West and Big Chain from 2012? Joy, Mercy, Anger, PainMercy
17Which of these bands had a 2013 hit with “Safe and Sound”? Capital Cities, Long Tunnels, Five Continents, Big RiversCapital Cities
18Which of these is not a member of One Direction? Louis, Mark, Harry, LiamMark
19Which of these is not a member of The Wanted? Max, Mark, Tom, JayMark
20Which of these is the correct name of the band who had a 2012 hit with “Pontoon”? Little Big City, Little Big Town, Big Little City, Little Big CityLittle Big Town